Good piece on Fordham

Before the season began, I had pencilled in the 2/18/06 game at Fordham as a possible A-10 loss. Now I’m putting that in ink as an L for the Niners. And unlike the BCA debacle, this one will be seen on ESPN. Anyway, good read on Dereck Whittenburg & Co. Fordham turning into a contender

i wouldn’t count us out yet. We generally play up or down to the opponents so let Lutz say they are going to beat us. Then we will play up to them.

The thing is this isn’t the same Fordham we beat up on during the Rodney White year. The Bob Hill days are long gone. While I’m looking forward to the Withers-Bryant Dunston matchup at Fordham in February, I’m afraid that the Rams will have the last laugh on this one.

Wow, is the ever optimistic Run throwing in the towel so soon?! The same Run who knows what suffering really is as he personally experienced the “dark ages” of Niner hoops during the Hal Wissel era? Hmmm…

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Whittenburg toughens Rams