Good reason to quit job?

Is this a good enough reason to quit working at American Eagle???

There are limited edition Collegiate hats for sale in American Eagles all across the country. Our part of the country gets “carolina”

Quit! But before you do take all the hats and replace them with Niner Nation T-shirts.

No, just be sure you get the telephone number of anyone who buys one and be sure as many telemarketers as possible call them throughout the day :biggrin:

Yes, quit. And before you do, leave them a box of moth ridden trench coats. Leave the hats. Just like all AE clothing they look like crap and will be funny to see on the heads of all the prepy wannabe tarheel fans.

Yes QUIT and make sure you make sure to tell the people who buy them know they will look like complete tools in those hats.


You could just keep your job and do what I always do… put other stuff over those or hide them. I usually do that when walking through stores… :biggrin: