Got My Athlon Copy Tonight

They have us 2nd in the Conference. Curtis is first team C-USA, honorable mention All-American (got a couple of pics in the mag, too). Eddie is “Best Defensive Player” in C-USA.

From their Top 10 Lists:
7. Brendan Plavich, Charlotte (Travis Diener, Marquette #2!)

Inside-Out Guys
6. Curtis Withers, Charlotte

And…They DO have us picked for the Sweet 16!!!


Do they have a preseason ranking for us?

They don’t really rank teams, other than how they expect them to finish:
No rating - No postseason
NIT- Team goes to the NIT
“1 and done"
The 32 teams that they expect to make the NCAA’s, but lose in the first round
"2 and out"
The 16 teams that lose in round 2
"Sweet 16” - Us!
The teams that make it this far
"Elite 8" - Ibid
"Final Four" - Ibid
"Runner Up" -
“National Champion” - As posted in another thread - Louisville

They have us in the Sweet 16 category - Along with UCONN, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, Okie State, NC State and Washington!!

That’s AMAZING!! Congrats to Coach and the team!! What Expectations for the year!!! Remarkable that we’re finally mentioned in the same ink as UCONN, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State…WOW!!!


Who do they have against us in C-USA?

UNCCTF - I assume you mean where do they have the other CUSA teams finishing? I’ll update further when I get home this evening. The ones I remember were TCU- no postseason
SLU and DePaul - NIT
Memphis - 2 and out
Louisville - National Champs!

Only us and Louisville made the Sweet 16, with Memphis losing in Round 2.

I remember that they had Louisville, Charlotte and Memphis to finish 1,2,3 in CUSA with Cincy 5th.

Also - Francisco Garcia was 1st Team All-American
Sean Banks - 2nd Team

That exhausts my memory. I’ll add more when I read more tonight.

Just ran over to the BofA Plaza and picked up a copy.

C-USA predictions and postseason picks:

  1. Louisville - National Champs
    2. Charlotte - Sweet 16 - Excellent frontcourt, outside shooting add up to title run.
  2. Memphis - 2 & Out
  3. UAB - 1 & Done
  4. Cincinnati - 1 & Done
  5. Marquette - NIT
  6. DePaul - NIT
  7. Saint Louis - NIT
  8. TCU
  9. Southern Miss
  10. Houston
  11. East Carolina
  12. Tulane
  13. South Florida

First Team C-USA:
Sean Banks, So. F, Memphis
Travis Diener, Sr. G Marquette
Francisco Garcia, Jr. F, Louisville
Jason Maxiell, Sr. F, Cincinnati
Curtis Withers, Jr. F, Charlotte

Recruiting Roundup:

  1. Louisville
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Memphis
  4. Southern Miss
    5. Charlotte - Junior college transfer E. J. Drayton needs to come in and produce.

BTW, from the “Put Up or Shut Up” column…

Martin Iti, Charlotte - He thought about entering the NBA Draft. Why? He’s got no offensive game.


[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Sep 14 2004, 12:21 PM [b] BTW, from the "Put Up or Shut Up" column...

Martin Iti, Charlotte - He thought about entering the NBA Draft. Why? He’s got no offensive game.

Ouch! [/b]

he’s also got very little defensive game and a poor rebounding game for his size…that guy went too easy on him.

[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Sep 14 2004, 11:57 AM [b] 1. Louisville - National Champs [/b]
...when monkeys fly out of my ass.

Louisville is ranked on the coaches name, everybody knows that. Let’s flip this thing, if we good PG play from Baldwin, Plavich keeps people from sagging in, Withers does what we all expect and stays healthy, this is the most exciting year I remember in a long time.

We’re not small upfront. We can be quick in the backcourt when Plavich isn’t in and Goldwire is supposed to be good defender. Also, Basden can lock down wing guys pretty well. Plavich can flat out shoot it, he just needs to be a more selective (insert crack here PI), nobody hits 25’ fall-aways with people in their face.

Plus, I’m a wait and see type of dude, but, lets hope Drayton meets the hype. It all adds up to good nights at Halton and late nights at Picasso’s. Curtis, luv ya, but you ain’t invited.

Withers can be all-everything if he gets after it and stays healthy. He’s a horse, we need to learn to ride him.

Team chemistry is also a key. Guys have to be unselfish and sacrifice for the team. We could have 5 guys averaging in double figures (Plavich, Basden, Withers, Iti, Drayton?) Maybe we should get rid of the names on the jerseys and replace it with TEAM.

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[b]QUOTE[/b] (Butter49er @ Sep 14 2004, 03:06 PM)

I picked up a copy on my way to lunch today. Reading it triggered that ridiculously long post I made in the other thread. It’s probably best case sceanrio, but it’s fun as hell to read. I’m hyped up now (after the Panthers MNF fiasco, it feels good).

I wanted to put a couple of oddities I noticed in there, but now I can only remember one. The name above Martin It’s on that put up or shutup list was none other than Travis Garrison. Seems Mr Garrison, now a junior, has been a big disappointment at Maryland. Remember back when we were wondering if we’d get him or Withers?

Sometimes things just work out for the best. B)

Some other things I noticed;

o Orlando Early is given added cred because he was at Charlotte, nice detail.

o Minnesota preview talks a lot about Grier, sounds like he starts right away but not so good team.

o Melvin is quoted about the Missouri team, rare to see asst’s quoted in these mags. Is he the future coach of the Tigers, what a turn of events that would be.

o all A-10 schools don’t get full page previews (yuck).

[i]Originally posted by amnesiac[/i]@Sep 17 2004, 04:45 PM [b]o Minnesota preview talks a lot about Grier, sounds like he starts right away but not so good team.[/b]
Their team(Kris Humpries) left for the NBA.....they only return one double digit scorer this season.......Greir will get a chance to show what he can do, the team will be pretty bad. I hope he does well, but I also think he will be sitting at home in March wishing his season wasn't over while the Niners are marching on in the NCAA tourny.