Plav - LOOKED GREAT!! all round. not much else to say.

Mitch - Ditto. Hit his Free Throws. Stayed under control. Pushed it when he could…backed off when he couldn’t. Made smart decisions most of the night.

Nance - Did all of the dirty work. Rebounded GREAT and had a nice smooth jumper. Very strong with the ball. He will be a great role player for us.

EJ - Looked lost at times. Always seems to be in the right place. Hustles. Had a couple of very solid post moves that Iti could learn from.

Iti - Ran the floor all night long but only rewarded once for a dunk. Blocked at least 6-8 shots though. I don’t care if he averages 6 pts a night as long as he keeps the Block Party going.

Eddie - Quiet most of the night but had strong spurts. When he goes for a rebound…NO ONE and I mean NO ONE bbut Eddie will get the ball. A couple of strong moves around the baskt too.

Curt - Sleptwalked thru the first half but played like his old self in the 2nd half. Still had some trouble holding on to the ball some.

Leemire - Looked a little lost and timid at times. You can tell he’s got game but he’s a mirror image of Mitch in his Freshman year. He only likes to go to his right. He doesn’t seem to know when to push it and when to run the offense and he gets a little out of control. But you can tell that when he gets a little confidence and settles in and gets comfortable he will be very solid.

Jerrell - WHERE WAS HE??? Are we redshirting him??

Sager - Looked great. He plays as if he’s in slow motion but don’t leave him open. Knocked down nearly every shot he took and even passed up a couple of open looks he should’ve taken.


Our Zone Defenses were terrible and so slow on rotations. The 1-3-1 was a nice look and I’d like to see us get good at it…since we’ve rarely ever used it before.

1- Brough a good number of fans
2- With the exception of a few “Trogs”, had some nice “Talent” show up…some of which refusing to wear underwear too!!
3- Very hosptible fans that wore bright yellow T-Shirts that said “Howdy”


You can tell who worked hard on the right things in the off season and who did not.

Baldwin, Withers and Basden clearly improved. There isn’t anyone in cusa that can handle Curt.

Iti is worthless. He got shoved around by a 6’ 4" (according to the media guide, so he was probably 6’3") 180# high school player tonight. His foot work is aweful and so is most of his game.

Did anyone else see the resemblence between Goldwire’s and Demon’s game…no handle, no court vision and similar shooting technique. I know he is just a freshman but he looked aweful. To his credit, Demon looked that way after seven years here. I’m sure Leemire will be fine, however that was scary.

Nance looks like he could be quite useful.

EJ was as advertised. Can’t defend the block but can score in a variety of ways. If he can get under control a little and develop a little bit of a left hand, he will be a mismatch on the offensive end for most teams.

I think we shot a higher pecentage from 3 point range than the free throw line, literally. If you take away Baldwins free throws, the team shot about 40%. That won’t cut it.

Lutz needs to chill out on the whining. He was complaining more than ever tonight in a pre season game with a 40 point lead against a high school team. Got to pick your spots Bobby, otherwise you are just the coach that cries wolf…which is what his reputation is becoming.

Overall, this team is a diamond in the rough.

Did anyone else notice that the media sheet had Nickleberry listed as an assistant coach in place of Delonte? That is just sad. He has been gone for 2 years.

lol those shirts said ROWDY, not HOWDY haha

btw nice anaysis, i couldnt agree more

I noticed the Demon, Leemire comparison, they even look alike.

He had a total Demon moment at the top of the key when he shook the defender and took a bad three that went in. I was like, “I thought Demon graduated?”

[b]EJ - Looked lost at times. Always seems to be in the right place. [/b]


So, he’s lost, but lost in the right place? :stuck_out_tongue:

[b] So, he's lost, but lost in the right place? [/b]

Same thing was said about Butter his Freshman year.

Curtis looked like a bully out there. Yeah they are DII but it’s incredible how much bigger and stronger he is than anyone else. I wish I got to see some of the jumper, but I’m sure that’s solid. Glad to see Eddie stepped back and knock one down.

I’m really really really nervous about the point guard position after Mitch. Mitch is money in the bank. But LeeMire is shaky. We might see more of Eddie at the point that we want to see.

No Plavich respect at all from Pi.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tellya. :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS I apologize for unknowingly plagiarizing your post k-town).

Some other things that I just have trouble getting over…

  1. The damn scoreboard. Guys in my section were saying the graphics like the “See Ya” graphic when the Pfeiffer player fouled out must have been left behind on a floppy disk by the Hornets when they left town. That scoreboard is horrible. God it’s bad.

  2. We still have an AND1 sponsor sign behind where the gold dusters sit. That’s terrible.

  3. The gear being sold in the lobby. First of all, it’s really really bad and second of all, baby blue bedroom slippers that say “Charlotte”. Really, baby blue was the best color???

  4. No Replay. This goes back to the scoreboard, but wouldn’t replay be nice??? Would have loved to see that Curtis alley over and over again. Please, please, please give me replay!!

I hear ya on the scoreboard, but I think we have to stop bitching and start doing. Anyone wanna lead a pledge drive to get a new one? Man some tables at the game. Send out mailings, etc? I’ll chip in some bucks.

Plav, Baldwin, Curtis - A+

Plav looked great. You can tell shedding the weight in the off season has helped. He shot the ball great.

Mitch played great and I think he will be a great asset this year. He won’t be able to drive on everyone like he did last night but he had one or two very nice pull ups in the lane off the break that went in. If he can hit that consistently we’re going to be very dangerous.

Nance is on his way to becoming my favorite player. Plays hard and does his part.

Goldwire was rough but he’ll improve. I think he was pushing it a bit. The Demon references are right on, I just hope he has a better head on his soldiers.

I was impressed with Sager as well. If he can give us quality minutes off the bench he’ll be a great asset going forward.

Iti was garbage for much of the game. He had a few blocks but he looked lazy. He needs to concentrate on being a defensive machine in the paint. Rebounds and blocks and points when they come. He’s not an option in this offense in my opinion and if he’s not careful he’s going to play his way into a back up for Nance.

Eddie was Eddie, which is fine with me.

Our FT shooting still sucked and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

All in all I’m very excited about this year.

Does anybody know the actual cost of a legit scoreboard, that has replay??

[i]Originally posted by bobblinlutz[/i]@Nov 3 2004, 10:06 AM [b] Does anybody know the actual cost of a legit scoreboard, that has replay?? [/b]
Honestly, why not just retrofit the current scoreboard... Should be much cheaper.
[i]Originally posted by bobblinlutz[/i]@Nov 3 2004, 10:06 AM [b] Does anybody know the actual cost of a legit scoreboard, that has replay?? [/b]
Persinger said the Checkers' new scoreboard in Cricket Arena was 600K.
[i]Originally posted by NinerMac+Nov 3 2004, 11:13 AM-->
[b]QUOTE[/b] (NinerMac @ Nov 3 2004, 11:13 AM)
[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate+Nov 3 2004, 10:41 AM-->
[b]QUOTE[/b] (NinerAdvocate @ Nov 3 2004, 10:41 AM)
Originally posted by NinerMac@Nov 3 2004, 11:13 AM [b]

Round numbers, figure on $400-500K. I agree that the scoreboard isn’t fan friendly but… who is stepping up to the plate to pay on this? :rolleyes:

I was looking on the web for a price range but I didn’t have much success. I did notice that most of the schools that got new scoreboards were fully paid for by sponsors. I know that Pepsi is on the main scoreboard and the Hospital and a few others are on the endzone boards. Maybe we could do away with the end zone boards sponsorship and put their $$ and name towards the new scoreboard. They would get much more attention on the main scoreboard with a video replay. Just a thought. We also might be more attractive to new advertisers with a new scoreboard.

[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate[/i]@Nov 3 2004, 09:39 AM [b] No Plavich respect at all from Pi.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tellya. :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS I apologize for unknowingly plagiarizing your post k-town). [/b]

My motto on Plav this year will be “show me”. Yes last night he hit 9 three’s, however most were uncontested and there was so little defense played in that game, it was hard to detemine if his weight loss will improve his foot speed on the perimeter.

I have no problem with the guy as long as he takes better shots than last year. He is what he is, a fine outside shooter that has trouble getting his own shot and a below average defender. If he shows me he can play within his abilities and shows a better shot selection than last season, then I am a Plavich fan.

Last year he shot us out of twice as many games as he shot us into and this team is too talented to go down that road again. He should get better quality looks this year with the ability of Withers and EJ to score in the paint and with Baldwin’s opportunities he creates in transition.

But why no mention of him at all? NM, I really don’t want to start our nastiness back up.

You’re right about Pfeiffer not being an indicator for anyone, but based on your criteria, I think “show me” should apply to everyone but Curtis and Eddie. Why single this guy out?

Let me ask you a serious question - did Plavich not look a lot healthier, leaner, quicker and more athletic last night? Did he not exhibit better shot selection?

And I disagree mucho with you on getting his own shot. He shook his guy several times with head fakes & jules, whether he drove inside or pulled up. And all of his shots save one looked good (he forced one off balance, late). He is no worse at getting his own shot than any other shooting guard we’ve had and better than many, IMO.

I was impressed with Plavich last night. I thought he played very well and overall didn’t take many bad shots. Of course it’s early so we’ll just have to wait and see.