Graduate transfer possibilites

I know it’s early and there will plenty of transfers by end of season but i wanted to start a list of possible grad xfer possibilites. I’m gonna fill this list with mostly bigs but it’s possible maybe we look for another wing.
Gorjok Gak-Florida-6’10" never averaged more than 2.2ppg in a season and didnt score at all last season so with 1 scholarship to give, i doubt we give this guy a look but he does have size and SEC experience.
Shandon “Biggie” Goldman-Northern Iowa. avergaed 3.5ppg last season and doesn’t appear to be a good FT shooting. shot 29% on 3’s last season. doubt he fills bamba’s role.
Patrick Tape-Columbia-6’10". On paper, would be a great addition but i imagine he has plans to go to a big time P5. averaged 11.3ppg last season.
Kodye Pugh-stanford-6’8". averaged 2.0ppg last season. not a big time producer but an all pac 12 academic so would follow in bamba’s footsteps in that respect.
Salif Boudie-Arkansas State-6’8"-averaged 4.2ppg last season. 0.8bpg.
Harrison curry-detroit. averaged 7.8ppg. 6’8".
Some solid but not great options so far but there will be plenty more to come.

Osinachi Smart might be interesting, as well. Charleston Center/Forward 6’8":

is he a graduate xfer? he doesnt look like he played much at charleston and i think it would be a risk with only 1 schollie to take a guy who did so little at that level.

Not sure if he graduates (this is his 4th year), but he’s actually playing more this season (15-25 minutes per game) for the best or second best team in the CAA. See last week against Elon when he had 10 points and 10 rebounds in 19 minutes. Seen him play a time or two in person. Good looking athlete that seems ill fit for Charleston’s guard-centric system with Grant Riller being the focus.

Totally agree. He’s a great athlete at his height and would make a great addition to the pack line. Defense and clean up the boards first, then any O from the 5 spot is a bonus.

you guys are selling me on him but if he isn’t a graduate xfer, it doesn’t help us. we need a big next season. also, we need a big with some offense to open up the outside. one of the reasons the offense stalls with supica in there is bc he cant post up so theres no threat of throwing the ball inside.

Then I’d also throw in Rade Kukobat. 6’9" 225lbs. Grad Transfer out of Eastern Illinois. 7.6 points and 4.8 rebounds.

i believe he already committed elsewhere.

Ah. Didn’t realize he’d committed somewhere. Shame.

Hopefully, the freshman big man can help.

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i’m gonna toss this name out and he’s not a big man or a graduate transfer but former niner target deshawn corprew is leaving texas tech. super athletic 6’6" wing who was a contributor for texas tech last season. would be a great addition but wouldn’t fix our hole in the middle.

i’d like to add to the list 6’8" forward mikey henn from california baptist. he averaged 6.4 ppg and 4.1 rpg.

Hope we can come up with something better than the suggestions so far

California Baptist is div. 1 (now)?

yeah. theyve suprisingly landed some good players and have a guy on their roster who is on nba radars.

Seeing Cal Baptist HC Rick Croy among the names in the mix for the Loyola Marymount opening. Former Saint Mary’s assistant led CBU to 21 wins and runner-up finish in the WAC in just second year as a D-I.

Matthew Moyer, Vanderbilt transfer, PF, 6-8, 229#, Can play right away. We need one more big.

Great offers out of H.S. Scoring production went down every year in college to 2.0 in 3rd year. Could come alive under Sanchez & Co. but not a proven producer.

Not a grad transfer but a local guy is part of the “exodus” at Wichita State. Sophomore 6-4 PG Jamarius Burton (Independence HS) among the five Shockers announcing their departures.

From the Wichita Eagle:

What’s going on with Wichita State? Why so many transfers?

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