Great article by Katz on Louisville and Charlotte


This is a great article that goes into detail how the conference realignment helped out two teams the most,




he goes into detail within the article, I’d highly reccommend reading it.

"New Atlantic 10 member Charlotte isn’t too far behind Louisville in terms of making one of the best realignment moves. The 49ers couldn’t really stay in C-USA as the conference was looking to refill with football-playing members, but their move couldn’t have turned out any better, with Charlotte expected to immediately shoot toward the top of the A-10.

Charlotte fits the A-10 profile: a city school with a rich basketball heritage. Head coach Bobby Lutz has made the 49ers a regular in the NCAAs, earning bids five times since 1999 and he figures to continue that trend in the A-10.

Coaches across the league have told that they expect the 49ers to become a regular fixture in the title chase and this season shouldn’t be any different. Charlotte has possibly the league player of the year in Curtis Withers and should be right in the title hunt with George Washington, Xavier and Temple.

Lutz is just happy that he is bringing a strong team in Charlotte’s A-10 debut.

“I’m glad we’re good,” he said. “We have a senior-laden team. Winning on the road is so difficult and we have been able to do that the last couple of years. … I hope the veteran nature of this team will allow us to get off to a good start. Playing in smaller venues like St. Joe’s and Fordham will be challenging. But we’ve got a chance to make a good first impression with this strong, physical and veteran team.”

If that’s not enough, two seasons from now, Charlotte could have one of the top players in the country in its freshmen class. The 49ers already have a commitment from Michael Beasley of Oak Hill Academy (Va.), the second-ranked player in the entire class of 2007. Lutz hopes the move to the A-10 will also help his program recruit in areas outside the Mid-Atlantic.

“We like to recruit the Northeast and we’ve already gotten players from that area. This move gives us a chance to consistently be one of the top two or three in the league and that’s what you’re trying to be every year.”

Lutz and the 49ers should be immediate players in the A-10.
Bottom line: If NCAA Tournament access is the barometer for a program’s success, Charlotte’s meter should be skyrocketing in the foreseeable future."

The article also mentions Seton Hall may no longer be a good fit for the Big East. Hmmmmmmm… Maybe we should swap places with them.

Damn, had no idea I was attending a “city” school…

Well I guess the city isn’t too far away.

And rich basketball heritage? They can’t be talking about the same heritage that can’t fill up Halton arena…

So much negativism…I’m done.

Quick! Someone tell Katz that our basketball tradition sucks! And we want a hyphen. As a state school, we demand a hyphen.

The city has hosted many ACC tournaments and a Final Four. He probably had those in mind as well when making that statement. You could even allude to Davidson’s success in the Driesel era too, even though they aren’t a “city” school.