Guys I am psyched

As a longggggggggg time niner fan, I believe we can win tonight.

Will be tough, but if we keep it within 5 at the half, we win.

Withers plays tough as does Basden, and Plav has a good shooting night.

We have the talent to win any game we play but we need our upperclassmen to step up big tonight. I still think it depends on how Withers/Plav plays. If those two guys have big nights, we should be in position to pull this one out. Let’s just hope Plav is feeling it tonight. I don’t want him jacking up ill-advised shots but I’d love to see him get in a zone at some point and drill about 7 in a row.

I think that Charlotte is just a better team. Usually I’m saying, “Man, we’ve got a good chance to upset these Bearcats.” This year, though, I don’t feel as nervous. I feel confident. I’ve been going to games since '88, and this is the most talented 9er team I’ve seen. Better than the Dink-Williams team, and slightly better than the Conference title team that earned a #5 seed.

Hey! They’re just opinions!

I agree most talented team we have had since final 4 team.

Big game but we need to win at least one of the next two.

looks like we can definitely win this game. up at halftime is a great sign. keep it up niners.

Cudos to Basden(as always) and Drayton. Except for that gawdawful 3pt. attempt, I thought EJ has really stepped up. Is Goldwire leading the team in rebounds?

I agree as bad as our offense looks we are actually playing good d, packing it in, cincy will have to thit threes to beat us

agree, keep packing it in and making them jack up 3’s.

Be careful what we wish for…They just hit 3 3’s in a row.We came out flat and are in danger of gettin run out of the building here…cmon guys

I am afraid this one is over, oh well on to marquette

Yep and I’m REALLY glad Lutz opted to not put in Baldwin because I think it would have backfired on us bad. Just can’t give up that many offensive boards and expect to beat a team like Cincy. And we now know what this team is like for 40 minutes without Baldwin. Totally different and not for the better.

It was a shame because the game was there for the taking

I knew Mitch was important to this team but I didn’t really just how important until tonight. It’s not about Mitch’s stats. It’s about how our offense flows with him bringing the ball up the court. We’re just a much more versatile team with Mitch running the Point and less predictable. Leemire plays well for a freshman but it’s night and day with Mitch in there instead.

What hurts is we gave up wayyyyyyyyyy to many open threes it is one thing to pack it in, it is another to give up wide open shots, cincy wanted it more, that is
what hurt

Stop the bleeding

What was a respectable game is now a total blowout. And the officials didn’t lose the game for us but I love how they blew all those late, last minute whistles so that in the boxscore, it looks a little more even than it was. But we knew going in that Cincy plays a very physical game so I’m not surprised. Just wish we more calls go our way at times during the game when it actually mattered instead of at the end.

I think Saturday is a must-win for us. We won’t have many more chances to grab a quality win. We desperately need this one and if Mitch is healthy, I think we definitely get the W.

I agree a win Saturday is a must, I am just upset over what I saw was a lack of effort…

I am a big Withers fan, but he looked lost, Basden is way better than him this year

Here’s my take…we’re an above average team,far from an elite team.Plavich played hard tonight,he did what he does…fired up a lot of 3’s…some good some not-so-good.Eddie played hard though his shooting in the 2nd half was really bad,but he still played d.Curtis,well…with him playing like this we’re no better than average,he looked like he wanted to hide on the court after every cinci. dunk.I hate to say it,but he’s shown no heart this year,maybe all that crap from HUGGYBEAR about him being the conf. player of the yyear went to his head,I don’t know.Goldwire looked like a high school player tonight.Martin…nothing left to add with him…it’s like being a hockey team and having a man in the penalty box when he’s out there.I know this is just 1 game…and I know mitch didn’t play…but,honestly…mitch isn’t an all american.Sorry guys,this isn’t a sweet16 team…i’ll be happy if we get to the tournament.

Curt has looked lost more often than not this season. He’s shown flashes and has played better over the last few games (with the exception of tonight) but he’s still playing well below his capabilities. I expect someone as gifted as Curt to be able to bring it every single game and bring it at 110% for 40 minutes. Was a team effort loss tonight though so I can’t blame just him. No one other than Eddie really impressed me tonight and they clamped down on him in the 2nd half.

Just not a good night of ball, regardless of Mitch being out. We would have played better with him in the game but I didn’t see enough from this team tonight to believe we would have won with him in.

we had several chances to get back in this game and we didnt take them. we werent playing a team thats more talented than us, just a smarter team. they just seemed to want it more.