Half time update.

Up by 1. We actually ‘surged’ back to take the lead :rolleyes:

Millions of turnovers (especially moving screens AGAIN-what DONT we understand about this rule???), 1-9 on 3 pointers (Guards have hit none, Curtis has one), missed free throws (even Sager chips in on a missed one and one at the end of the half).

Curtis seems to be the only one playing even decently so far.

One day, I’m going to be surprised instead of disappointed with this team. Lets just hope we wake up in the 2nd half and put this team away. Something tells me it will be a struggle though, I’ll take an escape with a ‘W’.

When I tuned in, we were up 11-2. Then the missed shots and mistakes started coming.

It does sound like Withers came to play although he is missing free throws.

It seems like yet another game where we are playing down to the level of our competition.

We have to win this game. It would kill our RPI if we don’t prevail.