what is up with the halftime shows lately? Tonights halftime show was the worst i have ever seen. it was a bunch of kids shooting layups. i was waiting for something to happen. if you dont want to spend the money for a good one, then just dont have one but this was embarrassing. i really wanted to boo the kids. it was hard to watch. almost comically horrible.

It was giving some publicity to a former player.
But Yes, it was boring.

At least those kids were making their layups. Our players…not so much. It’s depressing to be a Niner fan.

So this is what it has come to? Our postgame thread focuses on the halftime show which was more entertaining than the game?

Ugh Niner basketball it’s fantastic.

clt says the answer is simple. Unicycles.

Frisbee dogs.

This. And their dog socks.

Jesus, that music…

It is one thing to help a former player out with some pub.

It is an entirely different thing to let them run a ten minute commercial at halftime.

Mud Wrestlin’

Wet tee shirt contest with water guns for the first 100 thru the door.

monorail racing

Ginger stoning

At this point there are all kinds of people I would like to stone that have been or are running this show. Would make a great fundraiser.

Some of our players would be great at stoning I have heard…


Perhaps we should have names drawn from a hat during the halftime show. The winner gets to have lunch with Phil and Judy.

What former player?

I wasn’t at the game so I’m not sure but I’m guessing Mitchell Baldwin. I think he runs a bball camp now.

Rod Howard.