Has Lutz ever actually played bball in his life??

jsut wondering if he ever played up at bandys or anywhere

He tried to walk on at Charlotte.

yeah he played for my high school. my mom grew up w/ him rumor had it that he actually told the coach how to win some of the games back then. We had a good number of state championships in the 70’s dont know exactly how many bobby was a part of. I do know that some of the records that Jameson Curry broke last year were a bandys player, not lutz though.

What ever happened to Curry?

[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Jan 28 2005, 02:02 PM [b] He tried to walk on at Charlotte. [/b]
Yep... he tried to walk on to the 1977 team, didn't he?
[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Jan 28 2005, 02:14 PM [b] What ever happened to Curry? [/b]
UNC revoked his scholarship, and he went to play for OK State. he is doing pretty well this season

Yes, he tried to walk on to our team that went to the Final 4.

He tried walking on in 77.

[b]He tried to walk on at Charlotte.[/b]
Correct, but Lutz never made it to the first official day of practice.

JamesOn Curry’s stats at Oklahoma State…
Minutes - 306, 18.0 per game
Field Goals - 36 of 92, .391
3-pt Field Goals - 13 of 41, .317
Free Throws - 14 of 20, .700
Rebounds - 38 (11 offensive, 27 defensive), 2.2 per game
Personal Fouls - 23, 1.4 per game
Assists - 33, 1.9 per game
Turnovers - 29, 1.7 per game
Blocks - 4, .2 per game
Steals - 9, .5 per game
Points - 99, 5.8 per game

From Lutz’s bio on Charlotte49ers.com:

After a playing career at Bandys (Catawba, N.C.) High (1976), where he was class valedictorian, Lutz entered UNC Charlotte and enjoyed the 49ers run to the 1977 NCAA Final Four.

Bobby Lutz

BTW, Lutz never had a chance with Lee Rose. The latter’s disdain for any player under 6’ was no secret. Just ask Jerry Winston…

Winston was a nice guard too, and one of Bill Foster’s signees.

The story goes that when Rose came to UNCC, he called Mike Stikeleather, the trainer into his office and asked him who was the strongest player on the team. Stike replied that is was Melvin Watkins, who had only played forward under Foster. Watkins was summonded to meet with Coach Rose. He talked to Melvin and asked him what position he’d like to play the next season. Watkins told him that he’s never played guard before (he’d been the center on Reidsville’s 4-A state championship team) and wanted to try it.

Rose loved bunky, physical guards. And Melvin was 6-4, which also helped. He became the starting guard on the 1975-76 NIT team. The next season, he was paired with another large 6-4 guard, Chad Kinch.