Has Mike Hill impacted your giving?

  • I have already increased my giving level
  • I have already decreased my giving level
  • I plan to change my giving level later this year
  • I plan to continue to donate at the level I have in the past

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I’ll be upping mine.


I bought season tickets for a lame duck football coach and starting giving to the 49er club (albeit small amount) just because of Mike Hill.


I’m going to up my gift a little. Bigger thing I’m gonna do is buy a bunch of tix to the App game and hand them out to neighbors. A couple of them have expressed some interest in the program (none are grads).


I got to have an impromptu lunch with Mike last week while on campus for business. It was a great lunch and chat. This dude gets it. I backed way off from where I had been from a donor level, but with Mike at the Helm I will ramp back up to where I had been and have started planning on more substantial giving in the future.

Under Mike’s leadership failure - at anything, is not an option.


I did the same. I wasn’t going to renew since Lambert was retained, but I want to support our new AD and our football team. Mike Hill has impressed me as a leader so far. His arrival has made me believe that we are headed in the right direction.


lambert(i assume), is being retained on a one year basis and i think he knows it. no point of hill firing him late, scrambling to find someone decent and owe him money. wait a season, have time and money and get the guy you really want.


Exactly my take. Doing anything with football staff in March is beyond stupid. Let Lambert go into this season and see what happens. Pretty easy really - either win or you are gone. I think Mike will take that approach with the entire department. Expectations will be communicated and failure is not an option.

We aren’t into this college sports thing just for “student athlete experience” anymore.


Yes and it will be impacted more going forward.


clt donated more when judy announced retirement.


Yeah, I donated $49 on that day as well.


would love the deets here!

I refused to give a dime to Judy in any way. I have donated 3 times since Hill was announced, as well as purchased season tickets.


I bought tickets (Football & Basketball) to support the University and to be entertained. I cut back to bare bones on everything…tickets and donations because of the direction of the program and the lack of entertainment value.

I am prepped and ready to up back to normal donation levels…but I will not re-up my FSL tickets until the product is no longer an embarrassment. I will keep a 4 ticket family pack for basketball because it is affordable but I will not attend or go back to Priority 1 level tickets until the same can be said about the basketball team as well.

After wasting thousands of dollars in both sports over years and years being to embarrassed to attend or to attend and just get aggravated and angry…I just refuse to do it anymore until it is fun again or actually at minimum just worth watching.


I’m in the process of endowing a scholarship … as a result of the hiring of Mike Hill.