Helmet Challenge

Vote to keep our waterways free of Natty Lite cans.

All kidding aside that is one of my favorite helmets.

Please vote for this one too. We’re losing both polls.

Why is our gold helmet not in there? That’s the best looking one we have.

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Good was supposed to be in one today.

Gold Helmet (#2 Seed) voting is open. Vote early and vote often.

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Going to state that unless your primary colors are red or blue, military appreciation in flag colors look terrible on helmets.

On a related note, since we have green as a primary color, how about with do a military appreciation helmet in some sore if camouflage instead of in red, white and blue?


I liked the red, white , and blue helmet stripe we used last year. It was fairly subtle and wasn’t over the top. Stands out just enough to serve its purpose.

Plus Phil won’t have to complain about buying new helmets like he did with the gold ones.


I actually wish we would make the stripe standard for our helmet. A great story of history of our school!

Gold Helmet’s second round voting is live now. Time to break FAUs hearts again.

Sweet 16 round is up for The Gold Helmet.

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Voting up for Gold helmet in Elite Eight.

Can’t lose to that ODU helmet

This ones going be close.

We won!!!


Marshall fans will bring it next round especially with it being their 75 helmet

clt says we have the advantage with robust internet service

Playing the sympathy card. How shamelessly gauche.

Oh come on

15 hours left…retweet…retweet…retweet

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