Helmet Logos

Just wanted to see if my suspicions are confirmed.

I confirmed them.

I want to see The Crown.


I associate the C pick only with baseball for some reason so I personally want the C pick with the 49ers inside like on all the promotional “It’s a rush” stuff.

I’d like to see a Green Helmet, C-pick on both sides(with them going the same direction, the Right Side of the Helmet would have the Normal Direction the Left Side would be reverse for them to be going the same direction) WHITE Crown Logos for pride stickers, they would look sharp if the players made them into a stripe down the middle or clustered them…

I agree with everything but the backwards C. Not sure how that would look.

EDIT: Actually…maybe…

Yeah, that’s a big NO on the reverse C-pick.

I like the reverse C-pick so the direction is constantly toward the opponent