Home Security Camera System

I’m wanting to put a few security cameras around the house and use an old desktop as a server and hold the recordings. Anyone have any experience or suggestions on what brand of cameras or software to use?

I’m wanting the cameras to be wireless but I could manage with wired.

I wanted to go wireless too, but once I figured out (Duh!) I still had to run power to them, I just went with wired and saved some money.

I got some nice canon cams off ebay, they even have audio.

When my uncle installed them at his gas station we just went to ebay and bout a kit, It was like 200$, gave us 5 cameras, a central processing unit and cable. All you had to do was plug a moniter into the cpu to watch the video. It records like 48 hours of video or something. You can also save video.

Oh and he can stay at home and see whats going on at the gas station via the internet.

I’ve seen these things at SAMS and COSTCO. Thought about it, but never purchased one. Now thinking about it again.