How about Ric Flair?

would he not be the ultimate AD?

he’s a salesman…has name recognition…former NCAA athlete…likes the spotlight…would generate interest-revenue-media…a Charlotte guy…LOVES FOOTBALL…has zillions of contacts…understands TV biz…

tell me he wouldn’t have football in a matter of 5 years, and the city begging for tickets.

I think Flair should be the new wrastlin coach.

If he does a fake punch on the Chancellor will they start fake bleeding ? Cheerleaders vs Goldusters in bra & panties match? Figure Four leglock on any ACC AD who refuses to schedule us? Hit the ref over the head with a chair when they call a tech on Lutz? Come to think of it, that would have worked good on that Skiles retard ref from the Cincy game. :lol:

Ric Flair would be the ultimate AD.

[i]Originally posted by WastedNiner[/i]@Feb 9 2005, 01:13 AM [b] Cheerleaders vs Goldusters in bra & panties match? [/b]
I'd be a Green Jacket member of the 49er Club if it meant I could watch this.


The all-time greatest line in any venue, genre, etc: “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man!”

And before the googlers start, if he didn’t make it up, he said it cooler than anybody.

Best idea ever.

If Ventura could be elected governor of MN…