How Did You Get The News?

Where were you when it happened? I got the news through Facebook, courtesy of our own NWA. The initial link was dead on Twitter, so I thought this may have been an accidental press release. So I hopped on over to NNN to see the Shoutbox on fire.

From our very own shoutbox!!!


Agent 49 via Normbulance

I actually got a heads up 24 hours earlier. Talk about hard to keep quiet.


Received announcement email from the school…then jumped on twitter

Got heads up from trusted sources yesterday. Started laying the groundwork for transition to positive momentum last night, without trying to make it too obvious what I was doing.

clt heard via ATC.



Saw the thread on here for Judy has left the building.


Stumbled onto it about three minutes after it happened on twitter.

Thought it was a joke thread.

IM from a friend at work

I’m relieved Judy is leaving too, but this thread and a celebratory bar party might seem a bit distasteful to the casual observer. She did some good things in her time here too. No reason to salt the wound with excessive celebration.

Sorry to wet blanket this. I got the alert from the 49er twitter account.

Twitter DM with picture of press release, we at Barstool49ers informed quite a few people tweeting immediately after.
Many fellow Barstool college accounts including our bestfriends over at Barstool Nevada are doing a shot tonight to celebrate!

The JR retirement announcement is probably going to be remembered as to “…where were you when you heard the news?”. Similar to when Elvis died, the Challenger explosion, and the WTC attack.

I actually found out when I got an email from the Fire Judy Rose petition, the verified here.

Coworker IMed me: “It happened! She’s gone!”