Huggins still "crying" about C-USA schedule

Cincinnati Enquirer: C-USA officials to UC: TV reason for scheduling quirks

Plus this humorous take on Huggs from the DePaul messageboard:

[b]AP- February 15, 2005

In a surprise move, Cincinnati Bearcats head basketball coach Bob Huggins has petitioned the NCAA to revise the schedule format for the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Huggins, citing “the clear unfairness of playing games with less than 48 hours to prepare”, has asked the NCAA to guarantee that his team will have a minimum of 7 days between tournament games. “I feel this would be fair considering the rigors we put our student athletes through at UC” said Huggins. “I would prefer 14 days in between, however I realize that could make the tournament stretch into June, and that might not be fair either.”

An unnamed NCAA source said that the proposal would be given due consideration, but admitted that it would really only effect the timing of Round 2 games, since Cincinnati “is always eliminated at that point anyway”. A final ruling is expected by next week.[/b]

Funny blurb…but coming from the Depaul fans? <_< I’m guessing they would be happy with the same NCAA tourny run as Cincy has had.