I am glad we came out pumped

Poor play by the team. Eddie has decided to take the rest of the year off it appears. Leemire playing an insane amount of time for reasons I will never get.

If we lose out, things are going to have to change in the management of this team (Lutz).

I am off to Florida for the week. Have a good time to those that go the conference tournament. Hopefully I can home Saturday to a conference tournament championship.

I hope in a way that Mitchell is hurt,cause thats the only excuse I can come up with for his total lack of offensive confidence.Coach has noticed it too.It’s pretty ironic that we have the best defensive player in the conference,and such a horrible team defense. I still don’t really understand why most other teams,even the less talented ones can both set screens,and get thru them…and we look so pathetic in both.