I believe we have found a PG

Great game by Mitch, Basden and Nance
This may be a special team

Couldn’t agree more. I said earlier we needed Louisville Mitch and we got him. Everyone contributed tonight. It’s the kind of effort I want to see every night.

I am listening to coach, and unbelievable stats for Mitch, 38 minutes played 7 assists, don’t know how many points but was alot, very impressive

19 pts.


Everyone cept martin was great. Nance really stepped it up.If curtis returns to form we’re gonna be verrrrrrry tough!

He is still the same Mitch. The guy is the faster player I’ve ever seen. He is an absolute load in the full court game, but can be a weak link in the half court. UAB’s, Louisvilles, etc. play right into his hands and make the game a track meet. Also, he penetrated much more tonight in the half court because UAB only knows how to play very aggressive, overplaying defense…while the smart thing to do is to back off of him and make him beat you with his shot.

He is a great guy though, and an absolute terror to any team that wants to run with us. I’ll be interested to see if Louisville tries to press us this year or back off like they did last year. Mitch was great, love the confidence he displayed.

Mitchell, Nance and Eddie were excellent. Mitch did a great job pretty much all night long. Only 2 TO’s in 38 minutes against UAB is amazing. He made great decisions on when to break the press and drive to the basket or back it out. Still would have liked to see the post fed a little more but it’s so tough to do vs UAB. We played up tempo and beat UAB at their own game.