I can't take it...

Get ITI the hell out of the game…he misses open dunks…no D…PLEASE COACH

if we shot 70% on FT’s we’d be up by at least 15.

We’re playing swiss cheese defense, shooting <50% FT’s, and still leading by 9pts.

Obviously Diener being hobbled is huge and I’m assuming our TO’s and Rebounding stats are solid so far.

Lot’s of room for improvement going into 2nd half…and we’re up 9…I’ll take it.

6/13 from the line for 46.2%!

[i]Originally posted by KTown49er[/i]@Jan 22 2005, 03:42 PM [b] I'm assuming our TO's and Rebounding stats are solid so far. [/b]
No TO's according to ESPN.com and we're outboarding by two (16 to 14)

PLEASE PLEASE get him the hell out…HE S-U-C-K-S…Every time hes in we lose the lead. Put nance in

your right iti blows asscock

How about a report on how the game is going?

blows asscock. interesting. I’ve heard of a ballcock (it’s a part of a toilet) but never asscock

I swear i’m not gay…but i’d marry Eddie…he is by far and away the best guy on the court! And Curtis’ shooting isn’t that great…but he’s hitting the boards like a caveman!!! Imagine if he had some help under there…instead of a 7’ smelly armpit!!!

yea asscock is the new thing , just think of Iti and what everyone thinks about him and thats asscock

that iti post was not me, it was again my dad. just for the record. i thought iti played decently.

none of the first three posts under my name were me. eddie is great, but i wouldnt marry him.

Ninerfan just admit it. You’re gay and you’re schizophrenic.

[i]Originally posted by ninerfan55[/i]@Jan 22 2005, 04:32 PM [b] I swear i'm not gay...but i'd marry Eddie... [/b]
Powerbait has already proposed to him

i am only 5’7’’… correct me if im wrong, but is that hard to miss a dunk???