I hate to say it

5 tall athletes playing their own game with sense of position, no defense, and dare I say. no heart.


This is pitiful absolutely pitiful we should not even be playing this sorry team, is a lose, lose proposition

at least they made it a 4 point game at the half.

What is the score?

37-33 we are down

How’s the FT shooting? Is Eddie Playing, he is the heart of the team. We just shooting poorly or playing sloppy?


Yeah, we tend to do that. I take it Baldwin is having a tough game. If we lose to Davidson with this team… Hopefully we turn it on in the second half. I can understand a let down given the gravity of the Alabama loss, but only for a half, not the whole game. And certainly not a loss to Davidson. We’ve already done our traditional drop a game we should have won to a clearly inferior team. C’mon Withers, take over. C’mon team captains/seniors, time to step up!

wasn’t this game supposed to be on TV on the C-SET preview or something?

Anybody know what’s up with that?

Sorry, I live in Northern Virginia and I’m dying for any information on the game myself.

listen to it on the webcast


4:12 to go Charlotte 70 to 52

Plavich with 17 2nd half points

Can’t. I’m in class right now and that might not go over very well. I have the yahoo page up with the scores. Looks like we have shown up in the 2nd half. Last score I have is 70-58 with 4:20 remaining.

3:12 to go


[i]Originally posted by 49erForever[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 08:45 PM [b] Whinners!

4:12 to go Charlotte 70 to 52

Plavich with 17 2nd half points [/b]

Whinners? Don’t get it or was that humor, given the joyful mood of most niners with how the game has turned in our favor?

[i]Originally posted by 49erForever[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 08:48 PM [b] 3:12 to go

71-58 [/b]

Now, if we can just not let them foul us we should be fine. :lol: :o <_<

what a relief, sorry about the class thing.


73-62 2:59

Yeah, it isn’t an ideal night to have class. But, the guy goes straight from the book/slides so it isn’t too hard to keep up, especially when I have read the material prior.

[i]Originally posted by 49erForever[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 08:53 PM [b] Humor....

73-62 2:59 [/b]

Thought so B) Thanks for the updates!