I hate to turn negative but....

Iti’s missed dunk was one of the more embarrassing efforts I can remember. Missing dunks is bad, but nearly dislocating your shoulder because you jam your self on the rim is awful.

Thank god we won and I can laugh about that and Curt missing an uncontested lay-up. :lol: :lol:

why on earth did Curtis not just rise up and throw down a nasty dunk!? he was WIDE FRIGGIN OPEN!

That lay up was much worse. There’s no explanation for him not dunking that ball, if he was worried about the defender he should have dunked because you’re more likely to get fouled and make a dunk than a layup. Iti’s dunk was bad, but at least he kept in the play and got the ball back after that(I believe he got fouled on the follow up shot? or maybe he just missed).

It was pretty funny that the Davidson fans chanted “He Can’t Dunk” when nobody on their team can dunk…

I think I saw us put up more airballs last night than I usually see in an entire season! And why were we fouling at the end of game with a 20 point lead?!

Great win nonetheless!!!


you sure they were in the sunbelt when we were there???

I believe so, at the very beginning

Yeah Georgia State was not a Sunbelt school back when we were there.

They were.

I can remember them coming to The Shaft to play us - - - many many years ago.

[i]Originally posted by Jimmyhat49er[/i]@Dec 9 2004, 03:45 PM [b] you sure they were in the sunbelt when we were there???? [/b]
Charter members of the Sun Belt Conference:

Georgia State
New Orleans
South Alabama
South Florida

Why do I not remember playing them? I started UNCC in 1987. My memory is going.

They were gone from the Sun-Belt by 87

[i]Originally posted by austinniner[/i]@Dec 9 2004, 04:09 PM [b] They were gone from the Sun-Belt by 87 [/b]
Well there you have it.

Norman, Ga State and New Orleans both left the Sun Belt Conference in 1982 because of the stupid rule that a team had to play conference games in the largest arena in the city.

Yes, those were the days, memorable visits to Atlanta and the Omni; one time GSU was the Hawks and the 49ers were San Antonio on the scoreboard. We got to sit in on a Hawks practice one trip down. One Saturday trip, we had about 300 Charlotte fans (more than they had in that big building) and our crowd drowned out their band by humming the fight song! I had a great time each of the 4 trips I went there.

Admission of guilt:

I tuned into 610 on my way over to the game hoping to catch the pregame show. When Fudge came on, I hesitated to turn the station just long enough to hear him say that our game was “for 5th place in the state” (he was being dead serious). he then went on to give the traditional rhetoric on why UNC-CH shoudn’t ever come to Halton, and Kilgo added the stunning rejoinder that Duke and UNC-CH used to play us all the time in Charlotte.

At that point, I switched my CD player on. There are no words.

NA, sounds like Kilgo is doing a little revisionist history there. How can our former radio play-by-play announcer – and former Charlotte College basketball player on top of that! – say that Duke and Chapel Hill used to play us all the time in Charlotte? Did he mean to say Davidson?

BTW, I remember when Coach K had the kahones to play Davidson at Davidson. Those days are long gone…

He’s right. Carolina and Duke shouldn’t come to Charlotte. Those panzies (duke,unc) know they will lose.