I know it's early to think this...

…if the Niners can keep this pace up is there any reason Coach should not be C-USA COY??? If not Coach Lutz, then who?

I think Bill Herrion is a lock for COY. Look at the intesity a spirit ECU brings every single night. Especially on the road. :smiley:

Maybe Houston’s coach. I don’t remember his name though…

Who knows? It’s going to go to whoever wins conference.

Honestly, the Cincy blowout doesn’t even register because Mitch didn’t play and it was at their place. We got blown out by Memphis last year and what did that do to us, nothing really.

We’re in the driver’s seat for Conference Champs again. If we win two out of three against DePaul, Louisville and Cincy and then only lose one more to SLU or Memphis, we’ll likely be conference champs. We don’t lose to Tulane, TCU, USF or ECU. I don’t think this year will be any different. We get Houston at home.

I said it at the start of conference play, 13-3. That’s what we should be, and if we are, we’ll likely be conference champs.

As it stands right now, Cincy, Louisville, UAB, DePaul and us are the favorites for conference champs. Just like last year, 3 losses likely gives you conference 4 means there’s a chance for the 5 way split.

Damn PB , I like the way you think. I’m buying you a beer or three at Picasso’s Wednesday. I told Barry a couple of weeks ago I thought we’d go 12-4 or 13-3.

I mean just talking X’s and O’s. Bill Herrion is a genius. He gets the more out of his players than any basketball coach the EVER LIVED! I hear he has a mean jump shot, too. :ph34r:

allie, the Houston coach is Tom Penders. TCU’s Neil Dougherty is would be my early frontrunner if it’s not Lutz.

Good post Powerbait. 12-4 will be a logjam and once again the tournament boils down to favorable matchups in the brackets.

[i]Originally posted by Pork Chop[/i]@Jan 22 2005, 06:25 PM [b] I think Bill Herrion is a lock for COY. Look at the intesity a spirit ECU brings every single night. Especially on the road. :D [/b]
Dude that university and is awesome... those are real fans... u never see anything but pirates logos... maybe we should be like that... Herrion is the man... maybe its time to transer?????

Actually, GoNinersGo, I agree. Pirates fans are better at loving their teams than we are. One of my best friends is an ECU alum, and he follows all their teams closely. To be honest, I don’t give a damn about UNCC lacrosse or softball. I hope they do well, but I can’t tell you names of players or WL records.

i hate ECU with a passion, but they have some super loyal fans