I thought Baltimore / Maryland area was our hotbed

In recruiting I thought we had some “connections” in the DC, Baltimore area. It seems that has changed to Florida.

I looked up Nance’s stats and saw where he was from Fort Laud., Fla. We now have or are recruiting the following players from Florida; Nance, Goldwire, Marks, Gee.

I noticed we were active with a lot of players in Florida in the past but it seems we have refocused down there.

Who is leading this part of recruiting in Florida? I know that Coach Mullins lives in Boca for part of the year but it seems we have made some headway in the high school coaches circles to be recruiting and signing these guys.

Our emphasis on signing a kid early before he “blows up” and gets noticed by the big boys makes you think we have someone down there that is giving us a heads up.

Great point, I think Florida might also be less competitive than the Maryland/ DC area, especially with Georgia struggling with their problems. You have to figure the entire Big East, ACC, and Atlantic 10 are all over the DC area.