I want to Puke.

A few thoughts from last night’s debacle.

1.) Iti couldn’t hit double digits on my Y team.
2.) If Withers is NBA material I’m an astronaut.
3.) It seems like we played progressively worse after each timeout early in the
second half.
4.) Basden has as much business running the point as Judy Rose.
5.) Fax this to Lutz. Rebound: To retrieve the ball as it bounces off the backboard
or rim after an unsuccessful shot.
6.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team lie down like this one did in the last 4

I work out of town and brought some folks out to watch the game at a bar, and man did I leave with egg on my face. Never again.

[i]Originally posted by WorldCup[/i]@Jan 20 2005, 07:42 AM [b] 6.) I don't think I've ever seen a team lie down like this one did in the last 4 minutes. [/b]
Apparently you missed the Memphis game last year.

Just insert Banks’ name for Williams/Maxiell and make believe Withers showed up and Plav didn’t and that would pretty much cover it.

We definitely DID lay down the last 5-7 minutes. First time I can remember us ever doing THAT! That was the most embarrassing thing.That’s when Lutz should have put in 5 scrubs to make a point! That off my chest,we gotta lick our wounds,get mad,forget this monstrosity as best as we can…and come out saturday with fire in our eyes…FOR 40 MINUTES! We match up extremely well with an overrated Marquette team…if we win…we’re ok…if we take a dump…IT’S WELCOME TO THE NIT!