I Wonder If Memphis Fans Have.....

Complained about all 11 of their losses like this HAHA! :smiley: I think when you enter the Memphis board Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” should start playing.

Syracuse L 77-62 3-1
at Maryland L 84-61 4-2
at Pittsburgh L 70-51 5-3
Mississippi L 65-53 5-4 <----- that one really hurt
Louisiana Tech L 64-55 6-5 <----this one too
Providence L 72-59 6-6 <---- same with this one
at Texas L 74-67
TCU L 61-59
at UAB L 73-70
at Houston L 66-53
at No. 21 Charlotte L 80-77 <— I think this one hurt the most

This post is really for any Memphis fans that try to come over here complaining or b*&%$ing…have fun in the NIT!!!