i would like to thank my fellow student that......

didnt rush the court. Thank you for not making us look like we are below .500 and that we’ve never beaten a team like this before. most of 104 stayed in their seats, and i am glad that we have all built that unity and understanding of our team.

anyone like my big [SIZE=4]3[/SIZE] sign? i wanted to hold it up 15 times, i only got to hold it up 12.

omg! we were sitting front row and the “char v cincy” fans were all comnig down getting ready to rush. idiots. i turned aroudbn to look at their dumb, idiotic arses and this one kid looks me in the eyes and yells at me “GET HYPE!!!” i wanted to punch his lights out. why would we rush. we didnt hit the buzzer shot, they were only favored by three, all the stupid idiots that only come out for “char v cincy” need to die.

i rushed the court. oh my god someone ban me from Niners games. i have only missed one game since i have been a student at charlotte and i rushed the court, so you cant pin the “char vs cinci fan” label on me. Lex i see where you are comming from, i really do. but we won an extremely dramatic and emotional game by ONE POINT againt our most hated rival in the LAST time we play them in conference. hell yeah i wanted to rush the court

Exactly, Chisox. I know the “act like we’ve been there before” spiel, but come on…

It’s the last time we will see cincy in charlotte til who knows when, could be two years could be never. It was a rushable game. I think everyone should find their own preference in the matter and rush if they feel like it. I didnt rush (pep band), definitely would have though.

I rushed the court once, it wasn’t really fun. It was cool to celebrate with the team, but they didn’t hang around for this one, they ran back to the locker room after the game.

Honestly, like I said, if people want to celebrate cool. But, rushing the court makes me think that a lot of people thought we weren’t going to win. We are 5-4 vs UC at Halton. I had no doubt we were going to win, and was actually a little upset that we couldn’t hold on to any of our leads.

It doesn’t matter, of course, because we won and it felt great. I wouldn’t trade a second of that game for anything, but we’re going to have to step it up to beat UL in Freedom Hall.

Skody, don’t be so defensive man, no one wants to revoke your fan card. You’re a dedicated fan, and you had never rushed before. Most people need to get it out of their system.

The worst court rush in Charlotte history had to have been the 13-16 year vs. Cincy. They weren’t even ranked.

[i]Originally posted by SF4Nynah[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 10:55 PM [b] I know the "act like we've been there before" [/b]
and about 100+ students didn't act like we had been there. Goodness, i felt like i went to ECU for 10 min.

“OH MY!!! We beat the number 17[SIZE=1]*[/SIZE] team in that nation!!!”

*-i think they are 17, they wouldnt have been anyways win or lose saturday.

Yes, perhaps this game was “rushable”. However, I still dont think we should have. The “charlotte vs cincy” fans are the main contributors, and would have rushed if we had won by 50. What pissed me of the most was the fact that the event staff guy walked over to us on the first row of 104 and said, with over a minute to play… “When you rush, (not if ) please dont jump over the scorers table, go down to the open space”.

If the ESPN cameras are not there, does anyone rush the court?

That’s the first thing I thought when I saw people rush. I thought “there will be 4-5 posters bitching about us rushing the court.” Who cares? It was a big win and one we needed. I am not sure we needed to rush when we beat Cincy when we went 13-16 but you know what. That is the one bright spot I remember about that year. I have never been someone to whine about rushing the court. I am just glad the fans came out and I have been blessed to see some great games.

[i]Originally posted by TheShowDawg[/i]@Feb 7 2005, 12:13 AM [b] If the ESPN cameras are not there, does anyone rush the court? [/b]
You could make the arugment of do people still show up if ESPN isn't there.

App State rushes without Cameras. Now, if we had won like that, they would have had to drag me off the court. Easily one of the best college basketball games I’ve ever seen, even if we did lose.

This didn’t even approach Louisville last year. They were top ten, and we were down 10 with as little as three minutes left to play.

[i]Originally posted by kbr49er[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 10:26 PM [b] "[i]When[/i] you rush, (not [i]if[/i] ) please dont jump over the scorers table, go down to the open space". [/b]
...because it's so incredibly predicatable. He was right.