If You Need A Good Laugh...

Check out the Memphis board tonight…should be some quality stuff there after another loss. :weep: :smirk:

Our team sucks and we’re looking for bridges to leap from…

[b]This has gone on long enough.

He’s a great recruiter, but the fact is he just can’t unite a team, much less coach them.

Rod Barnes had a team ready to play and came into our house and ended our home winning streak and I don’t think the players even cared.

Cal isn’t getting the most out of Dwash and not near the most out of Banks.

I realize a part of that falls on the players, but if your coach can’t bring a team together then theres not much you can do.

His latest brilliant move of putting Dwash as Floor General is a desperate attempt to try something new.


Sounds a lot like our board after the Rutgers/Bama game. :stuck_out_tongue:

What Cal is not the greatest coach in baketball??? :biglaugh:

Just a few random quotes off their board tonight. :lmao:

[b]I would normally argue for Cal all night long, but after what I just witnessed at the Forum, I am starting to question myself as to why in the sam blue hell I ever defended this man His system doesn't work, CAL's comments, "they aren't buying into my system, I will play walkons if I have to" What a load of freaking BOLOGNA!!! F**K the walkons and F**K CALIPARI, you recruited them and now you get to coach them, don't cop out of this disaster with another walkon remark Cal, or I might just come down to your next radio broadcasat and knock that sh*t eating grin aff of your face. This is major BS. I hope the guy turns it around for the players sake, but I care less if this man gets another win this year after the crap that has spilled out of his mouth over the last week. [/b]
[b]Ok, all of you "homers" who have their heads so far up Cal's bum that you can't even imagine the fact that he is a horrible bench coach and will immediately label me as a non-fan or my favorite saying I read when anyone says anything bad about CAl "Oh if you know so much maybe you should be the coach" , etc.... All of you can just ....besa me culo[/b]
[b]unfortunately our season is not over. but at this rate, we'll be lucky to make the Confusa tournament, much less the NCAA or NIT. [/b]
[b]This whole experience has put a damper on everything for me related to the Tigers. Drivng down to Mobile will not be as fun now because of this embarrassment. Hopefully, by the 22nd I will have completly got Tiger basketball out of my system. I am physically sick, and I don't know if I am going to get better. [/b]
[b]This is a completely inexcusable performance by an inexcusably horrible team.

I’m feeling much more amenable to a FireCalipari.com website right now than I’d have ever imagined.


couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of people!

Yeah, even the usual optimists and Cal butt kissers are having a hard time holding back their frustrations. Such high expectations they all had but I guess they’re starting to realize that Calipari isn’t the coaching god they all made him out to be.

I can’t stand Cal and I can’t stand 99% of their fans so I think it’s hilarious. Not to say they can’t turn it around and kick butt in conference play because they have a lot of talent on that team but they’re enjoying some humble pie thus far.


Are you sure you werent at the IU board and their fans growing animosity towards Mike Davis?? hehehe.

While I’ld love to see Memphis win OC becuase it helps the Niners RPI… I’ll take a Memphis loss any day of the week.

The stark truth of the matter is if they run Cal off because he is what he is (thank you John Fox), they will have officially relegated themselves to a college basketball afterthought. No other high profile coach will touch that job if he’s ousted, especially with their conference affiliation. With Cal, they will be somebodies in a nobody conference. Without him… quite possibly the best side effect of the collective college football greed, 'cause it couldn’t happen to a more deserving crowd.

I will say again that it amazes me just how much better a team becomes in the hands of a talented, veteran PG. Antonio Burks was huge for that team in his last two years. What a great example for Mitch - Burks was a speed demon who walked on to the team his freshman year and became an all conference nightmare for the opposition by his senior year. Mitch already has the athletic skills. He just has to become a leader for us. Bobby’s comments after last night’s game indicate that he’s making strides.

It just gets better and better:

Calipari blames Banks for his team’s woes

Another classy move by Calipari. IMO, it’s his attempt to discredit the kid in the public eye so he doesn’t (can’t) go pro. Cal needs him to stick around next season.

Here’s a great tidbit from Doyel though:

[b]By calling out Sean Banks' practice habits in the media and then benching him for the start of the Ole Miss game, Memphis coach John Calipari has isolated Banks as the biggest problem.

We’d suggest a closer look at freshman point guard Darius Washington, who had 20 points but just two assists and eight turnovers against Ole Miss. After Purdue’s Brandon McKnight destroyed him two weeks back, the word is out: Washington can’t handle man-to-man pressure for 94 feet.

Washington has more turnovers (34) than assists (25). That’s the kind of ratio you get from a center – not a point guard.[/b]

[Monty Burns voice]Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhx-cellent.[/Monty Burns]

Mr. Washington, meet Mr.'s Baldwin & Goldwire. Come to think of it, haven’t you already met Mr. Goldwire, and didn’t he show you up in high school?