1. I am very proud of the way this team has played this year. EVERY game has been exciting to watch and every player gives it all they have got playing through injuries and leaving nothing on the floor. We have a very solid young team that has won alot of BIG games and they haven’t been blown out all year. What more can you expect from a team that only has 1 returning starter? Imagine what we might have in 2 years with Wilderness, Dewhurst, Harris, Phil, Gerrity, Ian, Gabby and the new guys!? There isnt a single player on this team that I dont feel comfortable with in the game.

  2. I cant wait for the A-10 tournament because I believe this team can do some serious damage there. We have alot of heart we just need to bump it up a notch!

  3. I cant wait for next season as well! This team will have experience under its belt and I feel will be a very solid contender to win the A-10. Maybe thats just my opinion. Also as awesome as Lee is I think his absence might actually help this team. He will be missed greatly, but maybe we can get some better team chemistry going…

Just my thoughts on how much I enjoy watching these guys play.

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