Impressive play in Canada

Lots of optimism about the team and season. The Canada trip was a great experience, especially for the new guys. They’ll be able to break down the game tape to show the guys what they need to work on.

All of the new guys looked good. EJ is a player, Goldwire plays tenacious defense, runs the team fairly well and can shoot it. Nance will definitely help us inside. Does all the dirty work, can score a little and plays defense. Lewis is quick and talented but probably a little behind Goldwire.

Curtis, Eddie, and Plavich looked very solid other than Curtis missing some easy-ones in the second game. No concerns about those guys. Iti has improved and is definitely quicker.

Its hard to say what kind of size we went up against but I really liked EJ’s rebounding stats in addition to his scoring… 7, 13, 9.


I take it you saw them play. Good. Glad to hear from someone that saw the games and is very positive about the team. I kind of got tired of the box score junkies who are critical of various facets of our play even thought they DIDN’T see us play. It is the little things that DON’T show up on the box score that win games.

Looking forward to Friday night! :smiley:

I talked to people who saw them play. Lots of talent. PG remains a concern.