Increase Your Priority Status Before Your Football Seat Is Permanent!!!


I am very excited to announce a new contest and I hope you will be excited too!!

The goal of the “Mining New Niners” new member referral program is to increase
membership in the 49er Club, the annual giving program supporting Charlotte 49ers
Athletics. Strengthening the 49er Club is critical to help offset the escalating costs for
education and resources to maintain and improve the athletics department. Passion for the
49ers can be contagious and we’re hopeful donors will help us recruit more club members.
Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their Athletic Foundation Priority Point total
by securing new members and selling Football FSL’s.

Participating Member Rewards:

  1. Participants receive priority point credit equal to the value of the new members’ donation.
    For example, Norm Niner secures a new member who contributes $100. Norm will
    receive $100 worth of lifetime point credit on their 49er Club account.
  2. Participants who are men’s basketball season ticket holders will receive two (2)
    hospitality passes for an upcoming game for every new member they sign up. If they are
    not a men’s basketball season ticket holder, the participant will receive two (2) tickets to a
    men’s basketball game or other desired sporting event (based on availability).
  3. Participants will have the opportunity to provide the new member with two (2) tickets to a
    men’s basketball home game (based on availability).
  4. In addition, any participant who sells a Football FSL will receive a lifetime Priority Point
    bonus per FSL sold (10 points per FSL).

Why Are Priority Points Important?
If Norm Niner is ranked 1000 in the 49er Club Priority Point system and secures just one
donor at the following dollar amount, his new ranking would be:
$49–967 $250–903 $1500 (Green Jacket)–638
$100–953 $500–820

The Contest will run from now until April 1st.
If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Jim Duncan at (336) 558-5218 or or shoot me a PM.

Mining New Niners Flyer.pdf (75.1 KB)

We will be holding a special event for everyone that signs up 10 new members, you don’t want to miss it!

I recently made a donation to the athletic foundation. Does that count toward points?

Yes, your priority points are based on how much you give, how often you give, how many other people you get to give and whether you buy basketball season tickets or not.

Football FSL seats will be assigned based on what your priority rank is as of June 2013, so you have 3 yrs to get your ranking as high as possible to ensure you can get the best seat possible.

Is there a form that lists the referrer? Does the new member just mention the referrer’s name over the phone?

you can just submit me a list of the names you are targeting and when the sign up you will get credit.

It is very easy for people to sign up, all they have to do is click this link: and then on step 2 designate their gift for ATHLETICS and they are all set. I will get notification they signed up and will arrange the tickets and passes earned.

Or they can simply call 704-687-4950 and give there info as well.

The priority points are based on cumulative giving. If you have a little extra money laying around feel free to donate again even if you have already given within the past year.

And even if you don’t have any extra money laying around, find someone who does and get them to join!

Well crap. I have gotten a lot of people to join in the last 2 years. I have about exhausted my contacts. Nice program though.

Does donating to the athletic foundation automatically enroll you in the forty-niner club?

Yes, but what some people don’t realize is if you have purchased your FSL’s but not donated anything to the Athletic Foundation/49er Club you are not a member and have NO priority points so you will be last in line when it comes time to pick out your seat.

Feel free to send me a list of prospects and I can let you know if they are current members or not.

clt asks about seat cushions. how much for seat cushions?

:o :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

OK folks, send me your prospect list whenever you have a chance.