Indiana game under protest?

I was at a sports bar tonight and could have sworn that during halftime of the Gonzaga-Mizz. game that I saw were Indiana’s AD has made a formal request to have the game tape reviewed in our win over them. There is some discussion on the Indiana boards but half think he is asking for a rule change and the other half think he is asking for the result to be over turned. I cannot imagine the result being reversed. However, they are Indiana and … I’m worried.

You’re right. I was watching that at half time, talked about us for awhile…

The Indiana AD is turning in an ‘in house’ tape that he says shows the shot should not have been good. Said that the ‘TV tape’ has some delays.

He acknowledged the situation was handled correctly by the refs, they reviewed the TV tape. He is just making a motion for ‘in the future’, games be decided by these ‘in house’ cameras. Seems like thats even more of a home court advantage to me.

Either way, they took an L from us. Fair and square. And they know no amount of crying can change that :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t heard that, but there is zero chance of the NCAA reversing the outcome of the game. Mike Davis even said it was a good call iin the post game press conference. A lot of the Indiana fans were complaining because they didn’t think the clock started quick enough when Plavich caught the ball. It may have been a little slow starting, but as long as a human is operating the clock that is going to happen. The clock was also slow stopping after IU hit the shot to go up by 2 so you could argue that we should have had more than 0.7 seconds left.

someone should go back through that whole game and in every instance were clock was suppose to stop but didn’t at exact right time, figure up difference and add it onto the .7 seconds…bet you would be suprised at how much time would be added. definitely enough time for Plavich to get shot off, if not run a quick play.

They better review that shot that was sent in by the Indiana guy, while already in the cylinder, if they are going to review stuff. Pansies.

There have been many many obvious mistakes on last second calls that have been protested and argued about, but I can’t remember a single time, in ANY sport(college or pro) where the result of the game was reversed. The official’s got it correct from what they saw, if the clock operator or there was some TV delay, it shouldn’t matter. I think the best Indiana will get out of this is a “sorry” if the NCAA does find some specific error that could be blamed on them or the ref’s. I don’t even see that happening, the officials made the correct call based on the video they saw and how could the NCAA take blame for any tape delay there might have been?

I’ll feel better when an official resolution comes from the NCAA, but I’m definitely not seeing any chance of them giving us a loss for that game.

I don’t get the Indiana AD’s position. Can someone explain to me how a camera showing a clock at the game is going to delay the clock? He’s really trying to split hairs.

Reminds me of the time a coworker actually used the “but if you measure it, you are affecting the results of an experiment” argument (it has a formal name in science/physics, but I don’t remember the name of it) during a court appearance for running a stop light. Sad thing is, I think he got out of the ticket. LOL

This protest will be overruled. No way will they allow a house video to decide a game. That’s already been struck down multiple times.

It’s time to quit crying over the game. No chance that the NCAA will do anything, the referees did exactly as they were to do in reviewing the tape. If anything, IU should get rid of the clock operator.

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That one kind of reminds me of Satterfield.

Maybe Indiana can petition the NCAA to make their team less sorry. Life isn’t fair, everyone gets screwed by a call every now and then, I don’t think this will be the determining factor as to whether or not indiana gets in the NCAAs. Althought the big ten is highly overrated again this year so maybe Indiana could make a run.

I never understand whining and protesting plays late in the game. Why not go back and review every single clock stop/start for the entire game. There may have actually been 1.7 seconds remaining for us or perhaps the game was over before IU got their shot off.

It is ridiculous to isolate one play in a forty minute game and review the start of the clock without reviewing every clock start the entire game.

Kind of reminds me of Raider fans bitching about the tuck rule. If it had occurred in the 1st quarter would it even be an issue? How about the 2 BS interference calls on the Patriots in the first half? Could the Pats have protested them had they lost? What about the entire game that Oakland and IU had to decisively win their respective games?

Bottom line is people don’t like losing and want to look to blame anyone but themselves.

That tuck rule was BS and NE shouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl that year. That’s a fact but unfortunately not ruled as such…

[i]Originally posted by ATL_Niner[/i]@Dec 31 2004, 10:12 AM [b] That tuck rule was BS and NE shouldn't have been in the Super Bowl that year. That's a fact but unfortunately not ruled as such... [/b]
This is exactly what I'm talking about. Guys like you that want to blame one call. How about the BS interference that gave the Raiders a touchdown in the first half? Why not blame a random holding call in the first quarter because that would be as valid as your lame statement.
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Not to interrupt Pi and ATL, but there were 1.3 seconds left in the game as the ball was coming out of the net on Ewing’s tip-in. The same clock guy that the IU fans are berating bled a half second.

No justice, no peace.


Since we are splitting hairs here:

I actually thought about this on the ride home from Piccasso’s after the Indiana game.

The clock in the bottom right of the video screen is “overlayed” onto the original video feed.

Video is displayed at 60 fields or 30 frames (frame = 2 fields)per second.
Various Video equipment is used to “Buffer and Frame sync” signals for transimission to our Televisions.

I see where it would be easy to get two different video feeds from different sources off by .1 second.

This post is pure speculation and thought for disscussion. I have no idea how the clock was transposed onto the picture for the Indiana game.

The true indicator would be to see the actual game clock in the same image as the shot to compare the two. The Red light could be an indictor - but then again, it must be synced to the clock, which was made reference to at the end of the game.

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Reminds me of the mens’ gymnastics all arounds at the Olympics when that Korean wasn’t started with the correct difficulty points and everyone was arguing about Hamm’s gold medal win. I agree with Pi, you can’t go back and change the outcome without going back and investigating every single moment of the performance/game.

Even if the light did go off, they should give it to plavich cause that was one hell of a shot.