Indiana is beatable...

…Killingsworth will be a factor, but IU is definately beatable. UK looked to be sleep walking at least in the first half yesterday. Hopefully the element of suprise may work for us, and we will need everybody fully focused. We will need good ball rotation. If ya can’t get up to beat IU, you don’t belong in DI ball.


[QUOTE=NinerFan;143820]…IU is definately beatable. [/QUOTE]

By who? Not the Niner team we saw last night.

We will double or triple team Killingsworth all game and he will pass out of it for wide open three’s all game long(if we’re lucky, it will either be 3’s or open dunks). We already give up enough open shots without having to double a guy like him, it could get very ugly if IU’s guards are hitting their shots.

But they are beatable if we show effort on defense and getting to the boards for 40 minutes. We shut down Oppland(or whatever his name was) pretty effectively last night, if we can do the same to Killingsworth and cross our fingers that the rest of IU isn’t hitting their shots, we could definitely get a win. Our complete lack of a decent man-to-man defender inside is going to put us at a massive handicap though.

Plain and simple we need to show up… No other strategy or plotting is needed. We need our team to show up and do what they were given scholarships to do and thats play BALL!!!

We have lost to Wyoming, Northwestern, Mississispi State and Valpo.

I hate to break it to you, but we suck.

What kind of a disgusting joke is this??

no question we will come out as fired up as ever. I think we play with the intensity of a cincy game. It will take a perfect game and some calls going our way but there is still a chance. Can we get Plavich in attendance for some moral support?