Inside/Outside Game? Extra Passes?

Last night at one point in the second half, Mitch had the ball and dribbled to his right then passed it down to Curtis on the block. The defender left Mitch (lack of respect maybe?) to double and Curtis passed it back. Mitch passed the ball back to Curtis almost immediately and the defender really stepped away so Curtis gave it back and Mitch hit a three.

Someone actually executed and used the inside/outside game, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is a standard strategy and Mitch can hit the shots. I’m not saying do this 10 times a game, but 3 or 4 wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This would probably only work with Mitch or Eddie, as I think most defenses will respect Plav and even Leemire as 3pt threats and not back off as easy. The great thing is it gets the ball down low and if the double doesn’t come, Curtis can exploit that, if it does, pass the ball back out and look for options.

Also, during the first 10 minutes ECU was moving the ball well and we really weren’t. Later as we started to pull away we were looking and making the extra pass which lead to some good close shots and fouls. When they don’t rush their shots and wait for a better shot, they tend to do better.

Just a few thoughts I had on my 2+ hours drive back after the game!!