Interesting rumor on Terps message board

Interesting rumor on Terps message board, go check it out, didn’t we originally recruit that guy ?

And what board is it?

Yeah, we need a little help here.

He forgot where. Look at the user name. :slight_smile:

[i]Originally posted by amnesiac[/i]@Dec 11 2004, 11:51 AM [b] Interesting rumor on Terps message board, go check it out, didn't we originally recruit that guy ? [/b]
A link may have been appropriate here.....

Message Board Link Page

Start digging.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Dec 11 2004, 03:57 PM [b] [url=]Message Board Link Page[/url]

Start digging. [/b]

The Rivals board doesn’t seem to have anything, the others need subscriptions to view.

The only thing I saw on one of their boards was Damion Grant is turning pro.

We recruited him but Chapel Hill signed him and he has not seen the floor this year or much of last.

Their insider board is membership by approval so most of us cannot see it.

And that blurb about Grant was said in jest.

The only other player we’ve had in common with them was Garrison and he isnt going anywhere.

Sorry guys, big time 3 pt shooter Mike Jones, rumor for the last couple of months on the Terps board was he was going to transfer to look for a team where his offense fit in better and more PT, doesn’t look like he was the one who announced today.

which board amnesiac? Do you need help cutting and pasting the address?

We recruited Mike Jones (Thayer Academy) hard, but Marlyand had the inside track on him all along. He was a McD’s AA and a prolific scorer in prep ball.

Mike Jones was a big time player in high school but was locked on Maryland during recruitment the whole way. He is a very strong athlete with good range.

The blurb on Grant was in jest but the sad thing is the way these kids think today it would not surprise me.

Terp Town, I will find it and give you a link.

[i]Originally posted by amnesiac[/i]@Dec 12 2004, 10:32 AM [b] Terp Town, I will find it and give you a link. [/b]
99% of us dont have access to that board amnesiac.

You’d be better off copying and pasting the whole post(s). The link won’t work unless you have an account that has been granted access.

how bout somebody just lists what the board said!


I found the thread. I have to say, from our standpoint, it is humorous and maybe even a little ironic. It turns out that the guy who left is Hasan Fofana, not Mike Jones. Fofana is a 6’9 top 75 center who apparently hasn’t clicked with Gary Williams for one reason or another. Link to Fofana’s profile. He’s already off the official Marlyand website.

I’d repost the entire Jones thread, but it’s probably best summarized:

  • First poster posts that fans shouldn’t “blame Gary if Mike Jones transfers”. Seems some fans are constantly on his case, everytime he has a bad game. He is definitely under a microscope.

  • This devolves into a rash of finger pointing and personal infighting among their fans. Lots of personal grudges.

  • Several posters all but call for Gary W’s head, saying he can’t coach & hasn’t ever developed a [insert position here]. His players don’t get better.

  • There are a lot of comparisions between Jones & DJ Strawberry, who has a vastly superior shooting % from the floor (48% vs 33%). A couple of guys call Jones a one trick pony (3 pt shooter) & blame that for him not playing more.

  • there seems to be a consensus that his (lack of) development wouldn’t matter if he hadn’t arrived with so much hype (McD’sAA).

All of which proves to me that even if we were in a Final Four, no one on this board would change. :rolleyes:

The Jones thread (membership req’d)