Interesting Stats

PPG Withers 14.8
REB Basden 7.8
AST Basden 4.5
FG% Iti 58.8
FT% Baldwin 82.1
3PT% Goldwire 53.8
BLK Iti 2.3
STL Basden 3.6

Withers having a slow year according to most is leading the team in scoring.
SF Basden leads team in rebounding despite high profile frontcourt (all heart).
SF Basden leads team in assists despite two pretty good (I didn’t say very good) PGs.
Iti making more than half of his dunks!
Baldwin shooting over 80% FTs…seems like we do have a go to guy.
Freshman leading team in 3pt% despite high profile shooting guard.
Iti averaging 2.3 blocks shows some improvement.
SF Basden with 3.6 steals leads team.

So, Withers isn’t that bad, Basden does absolutely everything for the team, Iti is showing some of his potential, Leemire is progressing nicely and Baldwin could be our FT guy in the clutch.

No, this is not a hard focused look, just saw some simple stats and hoping.