Involving Children/Teenagers in 49er Madness.

Hello parents!

Around late February or early March my cousins are coming down from Canada to visit. They are basketball nuts. One of them is somewhat of a local HS basketball star. Anyways, to keep them entertained I figured I would take them to a couple of bball games. They definitely want to go to a Bobcats game. There isn’t much I can do there outside of just buy the tickets and go.

But they also want to go to a 49ers game. They haven’t ever been to a live American college bball game and I think they are in for a treat. The atmosphere at Halton will blow them away! So I am wondering if there are children/teen specific things that go on around our bball games. I am so used to just going to a bar then the game and then going home. But I see kids everywhere, so is there anything specific geared towards them? I don’t think they’ll be bored, but its worth asking. Anything I can do to develop their interest in collegiate bball (and of course our 49ers!).