Is Iti a true 7'0

Ive been seeing in other forums and sites everything from 6’8 to 7’0,whats the deal?. Does anyone really know how tall the guy is? Ive never believed he reaches 7 feet but he does slump aver a bit. Many basketball publications have him listed differently too. Anyone?

Measured 6’8 1/2 in camp, which makes him a legit 6’10 with shoes(this is the height that is used, Yao is 7’6 with shoes). So no, he’s not a true 7’0

I still have one of last season’s schedule poster around. In my opinion, there is no more than an inch difference between Iti and Clemmons.

One of the 2 of them were misrepresented in their height.

That 7-1 center from UNCA had a good three inches on Martin. I’d say 6-10.

I was there too, TF. You’re right. “Kareem Jr” towered over Martin.

I said after I saw him play for Mt Zion a couple years ago that he was only about 6’10. It’s obviously a PR ploy to call him or anyone like him a 7-footer. Just like calling Withers 6’9 when he isn’t quite that tall. I don’t have a problem with that, but it does add yet more hype on his shoulders. Hakeem Olajuwan is only about 6’8 or 6’9, and that never hurt his career. Elton Brand was a “6’8 or 6’9” center who measured out a half inch taller than Rip Hamilton in their street clothes. It’s all about how you play.

However, as and others noted, Martin has a 7’5 wingspan, by far the biggest of any of the guys who went to the NBA camp. So he should be playing much taller than he really is. I doubt there are more than 1 or 2 guys in the NBA with that kind of wingspan. So he does have the tools to be good. The question is how hard is he going to work to improve this summer & next season. There are no quality big men in our league. He has no excuse not to dominate if he puts his mind to it.

Here’s an interesting one: Did you know Charles Barkley was only 6’4" ? Man, did he play taller than that.

His true height is 6’10…that is what he was when he was listed as a recruit and is still listed that way.

[b]His true height is 6'10...that is what he was when he was listed as a recruit and is still listed that way. [/b]

Noooo, he’s listed as 7-0. Check it out.

Colleges overestimate player’s height for a reason…exposure. It happens all of the time (Byron Houston, Charles Barkley, Shawn Respert, etc…).

Blue Chip Hoops has him at 6’10. Rivals has him at 6’11. Hoop Scoop lists him at 6’11. He’s definitely not 7’0. That’s called “marketing”.

Yes, I know all that. You said that he was listed as 6-10, but he is listed as 7-0. His wingspan practically makes him a seven-footer, though.

Mike DeCourcy weighed in on Iti’s height yesterday, calling it perhaps the biggest surprise of the Chicago predraft camp …

“The 49ers list Iti at 7-0; it turns out he is 6-9–and 6-8 in socks. His wingspan, however, was measured at 7-5, which was the biggest in the camp.”