Iti to Mesa CC...

I didn’t see a thread on here discussing this, so I thought I’d post something about it. Martin Iti trasferred to Mesa CC to work with Alton Lister in hopes of boosting his NBA stock.

Why was this moved to the Smack forum? There’s an article on JUCOJunction discussing the whole move.

HOLY CRAP. It’s true!

[b]July 30, 2004 Two NBA Early Entries Opt to JUCO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Justin Young Recruiting Analyst

Martin Iti and Jermaine Bell (right), two well-traveled and talented centers, put their names into the 2004 NBA Draft pool. But after their names were passed over, the two big men were left to look for other options. One NBA scout chimes in about their decisions and how it could help their draft stock.[/b]

It won’t let me read the rest. Unfreaking believable!

In the article they talked to a Western Conference (NBA) Scout who said:


[b]“You know, we looked at Iti as a second-rounder but his durability was weak and he was just too raw for us to take him,” the scout who wanted anonymity said. “With Alton coaching him now, I like him more already. Nothing against the Charlotte staff but having a NBA vet teach him the tricks of the trade at an intimate setting like JUCO, his stock can do nothing but go up.” [/b]

Sorry if anyone thought I was just BS’ing for some smack, but I posted something about this over on the UC forums earlier and people said you all hadn’t mentioned it so I thought I’d post something about it.

Still don’t know why it was moved off the main forum though.

They must still used the pony express to pass along information.

Alton Lister? he sucked

I don’t know who moved it Oleski, but I will tell you that I thought you were BSing til I checked your story. Seriously, that was a haymaker from left field. Not one mention of this even being a posibility.

I posted a response on your board. This is one of the truly sad commentaries about abusive “guardians” and the lure of the big $$$.

I’m in shock, quite frankly.

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Ummmmmmm… Anyone know how reliable this source of information is? I get a little suspicious when I see news like this come from a couple of bearcats.

I’m sorry, but I’m almost relieved. After reading Withers’ comments on him, it was obvious Iti had no real connection to the team and his head has been somewhere else for quite some time. He would have fouled up team chemistry if he came back, for sure…of course, we would have like some time for a replacement, but…

Good luck, Martin. I sincerely hope, for your sake, the NBA thing works out for you eventually, even though I personally doubt you ever play a minute in the league unless you make some huge, rapid changes…and dump your ‘guardian’.

[i]Originally posted by Over40NINER[/i]@Jul 30 2004, 06:21 PM [b] Ummmmmmm........ Anyone know how reliable this source of information is? I get a little suspicious when I see news like this come from a couple of bearcats. [/b]

It’s Rivals JUCO site. Justin Young is one of Rivals top recruiting analysts and one of their main contributors.

[i]Originally posted by Iron9er[/i]@Jul 30 2004, 05:22 PM [b] ...and his head has been somewhere else for quite some time. [/b]
yeah, up his ass

If it is true, then don’t let the door hit you…

Enough is enough.

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[i]Originally posted by Over40NINER[/i]@Jul 30 2004, 06:32 PM [b] If it is true, then don't let the door hit you...............

Enough is enough. [/b]


And the next coach who attempts to recruit someone with an Austrailian heritage shall be hung from the top of the Belk Tower…

Good Bye, Good Luck, Good Riddance!

Hate to see all 7 foot (and even that is not correct) of him go BUT what did he really do at Charlotte. In my opinion, NOTHING. He was a fouling machine ( I believe he averaged more foul per game than points) and couldn’t make any shot other than a slam dunk and he even missed many of those.

I wish him well but as has been said above, he will probably never play a minute in a NBA game. What a waste.

Is this Juco coach really all that? Can Lutz not prepare players for the NBA?

unfreakinbelievable. this does suck for us, but you just have to say, “what an idiot.”

So, how many unused schollies do we now have this up-coming year?

Enough that I wish we woulda inked one of those two 6’9 kids we were looking at. Even if they were projects they would have been 5 more fouls off the bench.

[i]Originally posted by Smoothieking[/i]@Jul 30 2004, 11:04 PM [b] Good Bye, Good Luck, Good Riddance! [/b]
What he said.

What a moron.

We obviously have a problem here. If kids are leaving after 1 year to go to a CC to become better prepared I have to wonder what our staff is doing? I want to know WTF Lutz is doing.