It's GAME DAY, Gardner-Webb!

It’s time…

[size=36pt][font=arial black]F O R T Y[/font][/size]

[quote=“HP49er, post:1, topic:24306”]It’s time…

[size=36pt][font=arial black]F O R T Y[/font][/size][/quote]I’ll get the first niners of the year

[size=24pt]N I N E R S[/size]



[font=georgia][size=93px]F O R T Y ! ! [/size][/font][font=georgia][size=93px]! ![/size][/font]








[font=verdana][size=7]T T T T[/size][/font]

I hate these 40-9er gameday threads, but this is getting amusing.

[size=1] [/size]

(Why do you hate them?)

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=12px][/size][/font]