Jacksonville U drops football

University will honor all scholarships for athletes who choose to stay and graduate from the school and honor all monetary obligations from coaching contracts.

Looks like Davidson is losing a free win.

Not to be a cynic, but the press release I read said they were honor “full tuition” scholarships for football players. It’s nice of them to not just cancel the scholly’s entirely, but tuition is only part of the cost those players weren’t planning on incurring.

They are in the Pioneer League which doesn’t even give scholarships.

Ah, welp, I’m just a jackass then lol

Wellll, they don’t give athletic scholarships. If that talented QB can read he might get an academic scholarship.

Speaking of their QB, he would be a nice addition to our RB or DB core for next year and special teams. His High school was in our region so I’ve seen him play quite a bit. He definitely fits the description “athlete”.

Ivy League doesn’t have academic or athletic scholarships but that doesn’t mean their student-athletes are paying 100% of the cost of attendance. Would think it’s similar for football players at PFL institutions, all of which offer athletic scholarships in other sports.

This has nothing to do with the athletics piece but…

I had always heard about Ivy League schools…their alumni are so wealthy and give so much back to the school that if you make it thru the application process and get accepted…they will make sure you can attend despite the listed cost of tuition. Pay whatever you are able and they will cover the rest.

Again…if you can get accepted.

Always thought that was cool.

This is true. Several of them (Princeton for example) have a policy of meeting 100% of demonstrated need for every student. There are several Ivies (and a few others) that are committed to graduating all of their students debt free.

Have coached a couple kids who went onto Ivy League schools in various sports. This is true and really cool.