Jaire Alexander 2015 - CB verbal to South Carolina


[quote=“cltniners, post:20, topic:28638”]clt doesn’t like his quote about communication. How where we not communicating?[/quote] How where we not communicating? Clt is so ironic.


I saw that he committed to Louisville yesterday. I guess things didn’t work out with the SC verbal.


Without bothering to look? Recruited over.

We’ll get to see him in 2016.


Stories like this piss me off, but make me feel good for the kid’s sake. DAMN! I hate mixed feelings. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article225554310.html?fbclid=IwAR02vRKt5tkRasTDfezuKp4PUNoCRCEMCgNBBhILsr7mo54pQ7QI-jAaCRo


What in that story pisses you off? Surely not being able to compete with Louisville (especially years ago).


Really? I think you may have an idea.

“Alexander initially committed to Charlotte’s 49ers but switched to South Carolina.”


Yeah I could understand if he chose Gardner Webb over us but not South Carolina. Maybe we’ll get the next one.


Oh a real fan hunh? Why are you here?


I try to be a realist in my fandom approach to the niners. Today and prior, If a kid chooses South Carolina in football over us it makes sense to me. Hopefully that will change one day. Once in a while we’ll score a kid that doesn’t want to be 5 min from the home cooking.

Anyways. You feel the way you want. All good.


We just signed a 3️⃣*️⃣ from Rocky River. Perhaps he too will shine.


My problem with Jaire was he only committed to leverage it for a P5 offer. He jumped at the first one he got and then still didn’t go there.


That’s the way football goes, hopefully now we’re in a better position with Healy & staff to better leverage the nuances of FB recruiting.


Certainly and Jaire’s decisions definitely work out for him. I too am hoping now that have someone with a bit more enthusiasm, we can keep guys like this rather than look back and wonder what might have been.


Not saying he would’ve signed with us then but the new early signing period may help land guys like this.


Early signing day is really for recruits that are certain of where they want to commit. Late signing day is for players trying to get the best offer. I think young Jaire falls clearly in the latter category.