Jeanluc Cerza Lanaux - 2014 OT verbal commit to Charlotte

Big OT out of Christian…

Big is an understatement. We discussed him earlier in the shoutbox, 6’9 and 280lbs.

Jeanluc Cerza Lanaux.

Dude we got a guy named Jeanluc? To help lead us where no Charlotte football team has gone before? Stellar!

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Make it so Number 6. (Or whatever number recruit he happens to be for us) :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great get, If he can fill out his frame and has some semblance of quickness he could be really dominate.

Yes, he could verb really verb. Right.


Can he play basketball too?

Yes, I don’t know about his skillset, but he definately has a 5* name! :slight_smile:


he was on their basketball team so probably.

There aren’t many football and basketball players in college, I wouldn’t anticipate it happening here.

I guess we needed a bigass 6’9 O-Tackle to block our bigass 6’9 D-End. Glad to have him.

I was kidding, kind of-----but if he was Class of 2013, I’d probably say suit him up on the basketball team. We need big guys this season (for practice and brief minutes and fouls during games if nothing more) .

“‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Dani Confirms Jean-Luc Is Her Baby’s Father as He Says He Hopes to ‘Co-Parent’ | Entertainment Tonight” 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Dani Confirms Jean-Luc Is Her Baby's Dad

Is this the same guy??? So funny. It talked about how he lost a lot of weight after high school. Makes sense now. On the show you would have no idea he would have any shot at playing on the line in college.

I’m glad I’m not the only guy on this board who watches a show on Bravo! Once my wife mentioned he played football at Charlotte his name rang a bell. I was thinking he was recruited as a TE and agree on the show he does not have an OT type build.

Below deck is on a different realm than real housewives and some of the others. Let’s not put ALL Bravo shows in one bucket.

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