Jeff Mullins

Good read about Seth Greenberg, who once locked horns regularly with Bobby Lutz, who used to be one of Jeff Mullins’ assistants, who retired a Niner:

Is this the same Jeff Mullins who replaced Hal Wissel?

Correct. Wissel also coached at Fordham, just a bit away from where Greenberg got his first head coaching gig.

And is this the same Bobby Lutz that just had 3 articles written in the O about his recent promotion at State?

Nah, nah. Me and 49r9r are cool and just expanding our range of threadcrafting.

Damn! I get the feeling CDSNiner has a lot of built up frustration. Not sure why. Is he one of the other user names of LAN/Traveler?

CDS is def not LAN.