Jena Janovy is GREAT for Niners

I have seen more write ups on the Niners already this early in the season in the Observer than total of some years past. On the broadcast of the game tonight, she was interviewed by Matt and she sounds pumped to be covering the Niners. My hat is off to you Jena!!! The Big O is doing a great job this year. Even though the article about the freethrow shooting was a sore subject, it needed to be brought to the forefront. Every article is a positive for our program. Thanks Observer. By the way, good win tonight. Best regards, Oldniner

She is great. The halftime interview sounded like she has enormous enthusiasm for the Niners. No complaints from me. Not now.

As I said on another thread, Jena does good work. It seems like weโ€™re getting some ink at least every other day - itโ€™s awesome.

Iโ€™m in contact with Jena about possibly dropping by our site from time to time. No guarantees but weโ€™ll see what happens. Would be nice to have her perspective on here and hopefully everyone will treat her with respect.

Then again, thick skin seems to be a prerequiste for working at the Observer, right Mike? :lol:

Totally agree, most of us though we would never see the day that we would get just as much ink as other teams.