Jerseygate: Why is this a thing?

As did UAB last Thursday, also on (Ironically) an ESPN channel.

I wanna know what part of them was hard to make out? The gold already contrasted well with the white, but the heavy outline made it idiot proof. Plus the numbers were HUGE. Biggest we have ever had.


Maybe they have a point. The guy with the ball… I can’t quite make that # out. Is that an eleventeen?

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The numbers on the back were enormous!! I don’t know how you cant tell what the numbers are.

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The only reason we ever used gold on those uniforms were over complaints with our green ones during the Georgia State game in 2015. Was for the best though. Looks substantially better.

I hear Chapel Hill is wearing white with pale pink numbers on Saturday. Enough contrast?

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Wow look at the contrast. New ones 1000 times better.

Answer: you are an obtuse ESPN announcer with a bad take who wants to sound intelligent.


The bottom line is that the jerseys were approved and we were’t penalized. The only conclusion is that the announcer was an ignorant and pompous ass.


I could understand the complaint because through the rain and fog it was genuinely difficult to make out the numbers on TV when they had the high-angle camera. But say it once and let it go. It didn’t need to be a recurring conversation point throughout the game.


I reached that conclusion as well.

What’s the problem? # Looks obvious to me.

In fairness, Healy said when they were watching film of the game, it was also difficult to make out the numbers. He said he’s got too much other stuff to worry about and if they tell him to change the numbers he will change the numbers.

WTH is he even addressing this and why the hell are these media people asking him about this? Did any of them ask why this never has come up when a half dozen other teams have used the same color combos?

It got way more attention than it deserved. He said a bunch of teams have worn very similar color combos and it hasn’t been an issue. He doesn’t care and has lots more to worry about. That’s the gist of his answer.

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Good. Glad to hear it.

Didn’t we adopt Notre Dame’s gold? This even has a green outline and smaller numbers.

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Maybe it was UCF’s success that made this a thing.

Must be legal in Florida.

And Texas