John Maine

I just got the exact same response as ATL. Hopefully they will take care of it since several of us emailed them.

Finally got my reply. Nothing’s changed yet.

Looks like John had a rough 2nd inning: 3 runs on 3 hits and a wild pitch. Settle down, John, you’ll be fine!

[b]Here was the response I got from support:


Thank you for contacting us.

We appreciate you pointing this out to us. It will be passed on to the
appropriate department for review.



I got the same this afternoon.

On Baseball Tonight they talked about Maine some. They called us UNC Charlotte, said he has a live arm and threw too many strikes. At least they got the Charlotte in there unlike the websites. By the way he wears 49, I like that.

[i]Originally posted by Charlotte2002[/i]@Jul 23 2004, 09:48 PM [b] By the way he wears 49 [/b]
HELL YEAH. you gotta love that
[i]Originally posted by Charlotte2002[/i]@Jul 23 2004, 09:48 PM [b] By the way he wears 49, I like that. [/b]

Maine got rocked tonight in his debut. Seven hits and four earned runs in 3 and 2/3. Let’s hope he pulls it together for his next start.

Same thing happened to him in AAA. Give him a few starts to acclamate.

[b]Let's hope he pulls it together for his next start. [/b]

That might be back in AAA. I read somewhere were it said that he would probably head back down an least he did well. Guess we will see him in Sept.

Back to Ottawa, hang in there John!

[font=Times][b]On the mound, he told Maine to look around, so that he would remember where he was and where they both hoped he would be again soon – because, for now, he was heading back to Ottawa.

“I wanted to see him smile a little bit,” Mazzilli said.

Maine received a standing ovation as he walked with bowed head toward the dugout in the rain. Many in the crowd of 34,874 managed to applaud while holding their umbrellas. They seemed to be wishing the best for him. – William Gildea, The Washington Post, July 24, 2004[/b][/font]

Baltimore Orioles starter John Maine delivers to the Minnesota Twins on Friday, July 23, 2004, at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Maines made his major league debut in the game. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

John Maine of the Baltimore Orioles delivers throws against the Minnesota Twins at Camden Yards in Baltimore, July 23, 2004. Maine, who was called up by the club from the Orioles’ AAA club in Ottawa, was making his major league debut. (Reuters/Joe Giza)

O’s Maine all wet in debut, 7-3, The Baltimore Sun
O’s Maine Has Night To Forget, The Washington Post
Orioles Serve Up Youth, Pay Price, The Washington Post
O’s don’t want to remember Maine, The Washington Times

“O’s Maine Has Night To Forget”

“Orioles Serve Up Youth, Pay Price”

“O’s don’t want to remember Maine”

Damn, I know the media can be harsh but this is a little over the top. They make it sound like the O’s are in a pennant race. If I’m #49, I’m not sure I want to forget. He saw he can throw strikes (1st strikeout), he also saw he can get ripped. If he’s making the same mistakes after 3-4 MLB starts, then the guy may have some real issues/problems.

If you watched the game at all, the O’s 1st inning offense was nothing to be impressed with.

If the O’s really don’t want to remember him, I’d ask for a trade right now. Anyone who assumed he’d pull a Dontrelle Willis in Game #1 of his MLB career was fooling themselves.

This O’s team is 43-52 for a reason. In my honest opinion, they are an average MLB team.
And for those who believe writers of SI, I offer this tidbit of info from the current issue:

“Lee Mazzilli, manager, Orioles
Baltimore was 15-27 since June 1, and last week two unnamed players said the first-year skipper has lost the clubhouse.”

John Maine, SP, Baltimore Orioles
Fantasy Outlook: Some players make a big splash in their first appearance, attracting all sorts of fantasy attention. Others just go for the belly flop. Maine fell in with the latter group after allowing seven hits, three walks and four earned runs in 3.2 innings against the Twins in his first start. But Maine, who posted a 4.26 ERA with 70 strikeouts in 76 innings for Triple-A Ottawa, is better than that effort suggests. With Baltimore’s rotation in constant disarray, he should get a few more chances to prove himself.