Jon Davis All Time Scoring Leader


Looks likely to crack top 5


We’re you shocked?


I was. But I’ll say JD has been all class the way he has accepted the changes and bought into Sanchez’s system even though it does very little for his professional aspirations. The bond he and Sanchez seems to have already built will now leave me shocked if JD doesn’t end up on Sanchez’s staff one day when his playing days are over.


I would say that if there was one area that Davis needed to work on most coming off his JR season it would be defense. I think a year under Sanchez has helped him with that. He understands the importance of that part of his game better now than before. I think it was a smart move on his part to stay and it should pay off for him at the next level.


Updated FAU15


Are those the avg he needs to avg for the remaining games? I hope he goes for #3, nothing to lose. Pad his stats for whatever he does next year.


Yes that’s an estimate on 18 games remaining


bet he finishes #3, but he’s got a shot at Lew.


Jonny D is an exceptional player and passed you on this list, but boy nothing was better than being in the Halton and you coming off a screen for the 3. Every time i would scream “LEE GOLD” !! Jonny D came in freshman year and started on a sorry team. but Demon had to wait two years behind Diego, Mitchell had to wait two years behind Demon, and you had to wait under Mitchell. Those were the good days man


I have said this numerous times in many threads, but if you can read this, please try to be at Jon’s senior day. He could have, and probably should have left us at any point in his career, but he’s stuck it out, and been a really great player. Really unfair what’s happened to him.


Davis passed Withers tonight.

We need to be there and try to sell out his final home game. He deserves it.


Threemire, what’s the holdup? Get your s#*t together and update those numbers! Can you add a column that shows the change in avg per game needed as well? :eyes:

Is he going for #2?


#2 is going to be hard to get to but #3 is reachable.


At the start of the game tonight Marshall collapsed 4 players on Davis when he got the ball and that didn’t work, so they just double-teamed him, and that didn’t work. 37 points
Can’t be stopped.


That’s 24 points a game in the last 2 games. Will probably pass Cedric Maxwell the next game, and possibly Jarvis Lang the game after that. Then he’sll sit at #5 for a while.


1 Henry Williams - Untouchable
2 Lew Massey 2149 24.45
3 Chad Kinch 2020 12.75
4 Demarco Johnson 2005 11.36
5 Jon Davis 1880
6 Jarvis Lang 1855
7 Cedric Maxwell 1824
8Curtis Withers 1750
9 Jobey Thomas 1737
10Leemire Goldwire 1677



Just a note: Max and Lew didn’t play as freshmen. And no 3 point line either for them or Chad.


Pretty dang impressive.


It’s like as a basketball fan, I know that, but those numbers never cease to amaze me.


The scoring leader for one year and also for two years is George Jackson. He also was without the three point line