Jon Davis All Time Scoring Leader


What’s the top 5 ppg? That would give a bigger picture.


Henry 20.2
Massey 19.4
Davis 17.3
Maxwell 16.3

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18.7 for Rodney White. :upside_down_face:


This is nice, but bittersweet.


Can’t wait for tonight. Can’t believe it’s the last time we get to watch Jon Davis.

Thank you Jon for everything. It has been a joy to watch you play this game the last four years.






As usual, this was a joke. No player on any team was asked as much of as Jon Davis. Both ODU and UTSAs 1st teamers had talented and proven scorers to support their stars. Not so with Jon. Every coach we played knew he was the show, and yet he still tied Dink’s record for most 20+ games in one season. How’s that for consistent greatness?

We can’t get out of this awful conference fast enough. It is a plague on everything we do. Just like Louisville underachieving in its previous leagues before it moved up.


FWIW, I’m OK with JD being named 2nd team. Best player on a pretty bad squad. Actually thought he’d be third team, so pleasantly surprised by his placement.

And UofL won its 1980 and 1986 NCAA D-I championships as a member of the Metro Conference, so pretty good underachieving!


Sad reality: great players on awful teams are not given their due, regardless of conference. I expected this and glad he was at least on second team. If we had just a winning season, he would have been first team.

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Davis played descent in this game.


Game 1 Stats

Game 2 Stats


Torin Dorn vs. Jon Davis

Dorn had 15 pts in 24 min., Davis had 18 pts in 27 min.


Jon Davis graduated this week. Not all of our best players have graduated. He experienced a lot of adversity during his time here and he never gave up. A true Niner. Congrats!