Jordan Brand Classic to Charlotte?

[url=!/davidscott14][b]davidscott14[/b][/url] David Scott           [url=!/search?q=%23JordanBrandClassic]#JordanBrandClassic[/url] headed to Charlotte? News conference scheduled at noon today for TWC Arena, featuring OKC's Kevin Durant       

I’m not sure how much this would mean to us, but it could be a good thing.

Last years Classic:

Jordan needs to be sponsoring the Niners.

We don’t recruit Jordan Brand level talent, I don’t see it giving us any kind of advantage.

Is that in response to me or to the Classic being here 2K?

A reply to Mr Bo, just didn’t quote him. Nice to have events here, but this one will not give Charlotte any kind of advantage on the recruiting scene.

Yeah, that was my thought as well.

Maybe if we swarmed the JBC with rabid 49er fans, the players would see how supportive we are, & want to come here.

Exposure trumps support…

Winning + Great TV Deal = Exposure… Currently and unfortunately we don’t have an abundance of either.

This could be good for us down the road, but right now it does nothing for us.

Only way this helps us is if it is at Halton Arena (which I doubt since the presser is at TWC) and it is shown on one of the ESPN channels. Even then it wouldn’t help us get the attendees of the classic but maybe another potential recruit that watches it and sees our facilities and name on the court.

Correct, and that’s been one of our main problems. We’ve never had respectable exposure, even when we were good.